2010 San Diego Racquet House Pro/Am

UPDATE: Mitch Williams will sit on the sidelines during the 2010 San Diego Racquet House Pro/Am due to bruising/sheering of articular cartilage in his knee. Mitch hopes to be back on tour in time for the U.S. Open in October.

The San Diego Racquet House hosts the second men’s professional International Racquetball Tour (IRT) Tier 1 tournament of the 2010-2011 IRT season on September 30 through October 3, two weeks after the first Grand Slam in Cali, Colombia.  Over 200 players have signed up to compete in the professional and amateur divisions, including local player Alvaro Beltran who is fighting his way back up the rankings after returning from an injury. Has he saved his breakout match for the home crowd?  Cali’s high altitude and cement courts along with the two-serve rule gave power players an extra boost. Was it enough to prompt upsets against lower ranked players or will the return to sea level prove an equalizer? Stop by in person or online, the IRT Network will be broadcasting matches live, starting with the quarters.  

Points Player
390.0 Kane Waselenchuk (1st)
300.0 Rocky Carson (2nd+0)
240.0 Jack Huczek (SF+1)
232.5 Ben Croft (SF+0)
180.0 Chris Crowther (QF+2)
181.5 Mike Green (QF+1+2Q)
172.5 Andy Hawthorne (QF+1)
165.0 Jose Rojas (QF+0)
112.5 Anthony Herrera (R16+2)
105.0 Juan Herrera (R16+1)
105.0 Shane Vanderson (R16+1)
105.0 Alejandro Landa (R16+1)
102.0 Charlie Pratt (R16+0+1Q)
102.0 Cliff Swain (R16+0+1Q)
97.5 Alvaro Beltran (R16+0)
46.5 Andres Herrera (R32+1+2Q)
42.0 Tony Carson (R32+1+1Q)
39.0 Sebastian Franco (R32+0+2Q)
39.0 Felipe Munoz (R32+0+2Q)
39.0 David Horn (R32+0+2Q)
34.5 Hiroshi Shimizu (R32+0+1Q)
34.5 Felipe Camacho (R32+0+1Q)
30.0 Alejandro Herrera (R32+0)

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