2018 Professional Workshop Head Coach: Gregg Peck

2018 Professional Workshop Head Coach: Gregg Peck

Washington, Mo. June 25, 2018- The 2018 IRT Professional Workshop out in Malibu, California is only a few weeks away and one of racquetball’s biggest names has been named the official Head On-Court Coach for the participating IRT players.

Peck on the 1983 cover of International Racquetball Magazine. Photo taken and owned by: Racquetball International Magazine

From July 9-11, join Gregg Peck and IRT investor, Cindy Tilbury, for the 2018 IRT Professional Workshop out west in The Golden State of California. Players will be exposed to Peck’s advice and knowledge of the game and how to handle/manage yourself as a professional while playing on Tour.
Peck has a decorated past throughout the nine years he played professionally on Tour. Starting with a bang as the 1981 Pro Rookie of the Year, Peck finished the 1981 season as the 17 & Under Jr. National Champion. Four short years later, Peck took second place at the ESPN televised Ektelon Nationals event and he finished the 1985 season as the Pro Player of the Year. As a coach, Peck has some impressive accomplishments as well, including being a back-to-back champion coach of the U.S. Jr Team.
Peck began playing racquetball at 12 years-old and he set his goals at the highest level after his rookie year in 1981, he wanted to start competing professionally.

“The incentive when I started playing in the early 80’s was always to get to the pros,” Peck said. “I had no reason to go back and play at those amateur events because I saw where I could take my game. If you look at players now, there’s so many paths an amateur player can take and make a living off those amateur tournaments, which is good, but I want them to consider that next level.”

Coach Gregg Peck

As a coach, Peck says he will focus on two things with each player’s on-court abilities at the workshop: fitness and discipline.
“If your fitness isn’t there, you’re never going to make it where you want to be,” Peck said. “All these guys are in good shape, but if you want to beat someone like Kane (Waselenchuk) you have to be in great shape. The discipline and ability to hit the right shots at the right time and not cause any further damage to a player’s fatigue is the other key lesson I have for these guys.”
Players will work with on-court coaches like Peck to help them with their game, but will also work with off-court coaches to help them with their lives. Improving not only a player’s racquetball skills, but also their financial and life-management skills are some of the goals of this workshop.
Tilbury believes Peck’s years of experience of playing on Tour will be a huge benefit for these young IRT players.
“Gregg will be able to share pro tour insights from an earlier era, while using many of the same fine-tuning skills, drills and play analysis he needed to rise to the top during his pro racquetball career,” Tilbury said.
If you’re a player interested in taking advantage of this life-changing opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact Cindy Tilbury!

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