2021 World Singles and Doubles Championships Recap

2021 World Singles and Doubles Championships Recap

CEO of the IRT, Mike Grisz, gives you his thoughts from the recent World Singles and Doubles Open Racquetball Championships.

A great weekend in Colorado. My thoughts:

1. Kudos to Jim Hiser. He was always there, put together a first-class tournament, and shows why he remains a leader in the sport.

2. Kudos also to Francisco Fajardo for sponsoring the Juniors for both boys and girls. There were 18 juniors in Colorado. These players are the future of the sport.

3. This was truly an international event. There were 10 countries represented. And these countries brought strong contingents of players. The quality of competition outside of the US is getting stronger and stronger.

4. In the IRT finals, Daniel de la Rosa played Conrrado Moscoso, from Bolivia, in the finals. For the LPRT, it was Gabby Martinez(Guatemala) over Herrera(Mexico). In Mixed Pro, it was all Mexico (Montoya/Solis over Fernandez/Herrera). In boys juniors, Erick Trujillo from Mexico beat Hector Barrios from Bolivia. In girls juniors, Micaela Meneses from Bolivia defeated Annie Roberts of the US.

5. There were over 300 participants in the event. Even without the pros, there were well over 200. Racquetball isn’t dead yet.

6. The LPRT and the IRT worked well together to stream a lot of racquetball over the weekend. And we had the rare opportunity to have the players pair up in the mixed pro division, which was a great success. I hope we see it a couple of times each year. The quality of play in the division was great. If you haven’t yet, watch the finals.

7. I’m looking forward to our Chicago event (36.5th Annual KWM Gutterman Shamrock Shootout presented by Platt Hill Nursery) on September 23-26 and then the UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Championships

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