April 2014 IRT Newsletter

April 2014 IRT Newsletter


April 2014 Newsletter
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How to Handle the Hinder Against Alpha Dog, Gandalf, and The Commando. Yes, You Know These Guys!


Is the hinder worm turning? Here’s Terry Croyle’s take.
On our courts, any hinder called is played as a non-malicious, unintentional safety hinder, and therefore, as a friendly do-over.   No “avoidable” hinders get called.   Sure, there may be some good-natured griping, but we have always agreed to get along, practice safety first, and eschew conflict.

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Meet the IRT Partners: Buying Local, in the Racquetball Community

logo'cutout'What’s the best way to create great racquetball products? Go where the players are, know what they like, what they need, and what they want from equipment, gear, and clothes. As the appeal and popularity of racquetball trends up, part of the reason is the increasing. “We spend a lot of time talking about and engaging with our fans, pro players, and events,” says Jason Mannino, former World Champion and President of the IRT, the governing body of men’s professional racquetball.
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Hudson Robert Croft joins RbW Team

hudsonCroft4-4-14 2Congrats to Ben Croft and his wife, Sarah, proud parents of Hudson Robert Croft, Born, 3/29 @ 5:17am. 8lb 5oz, 20.5″. The future IRT star is already dressed in style – courtesy of the Racquetball Warehouse, of course!

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Winners versus the ProKennex Tournament of Champions

TOC2014Logo_200When it comes to sports, there are winners and there are champions. All of the top IRT professionals know what it’s like to win, are wonderfully gifted, and can outplay 99% of the rest of us on the court. The mark of a champion, however, comes from the inside to propel a player to the top – and even above a sport.
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The Art of Doubles: Court Position

franheadshot_150The art of court positioning is just as important in doubles as it is in singles. The downfall of most doubles teams is that the partners act as if they are playing singles and are very haphazard about where to go after the serve, after the return of serve, and during the rally. When you play doubles you want to be like a piece on a chessboard, knowing how to position yourself on the board as every move can cost you.
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Red Swain Shootout Directors Partner with MI Racquetball to Host Hall of Famers; Director Don Schopieray Recognized


The directors of the IRT Red Swain Shootout announced a Racquetball Association of Michigan partnership for presenting the inaugural Hall of Fame VIP reception at the Michigan State Singles Championships. They have also been awarded the Tournament Director of the Year designation “after much deliberation and passionate conversation.” Congrats to the team and thanks for your support of the sport.

Vote: 2014 USA Racquetball Elections End April 13.

USAR2013LogoThe strong relationship between the IRT and USAR partly evolves from board members, like USA Racquetball President, Larry Haemmerle, who has been instrumental in building a relationship with the IRT while also supporting top events. One of the benefits that comes with USA Racquetball memberships is the ability to vote, which takes 60 seconds. Whoever your candidate of choice may be, don’t forget to take a minute to support those who help the sport.
Vote for USA Racquetball Board Here

Next Up: EKTELON 209 Battle of the Ages in Stockton, CA, May 1-4


Stockton Athletic Hall of Famer and former top IRT Pro, John Ellis, brings the IRT EKTELON 209 Battle of the Ages to In-Shape: West Lane, host and home court for 4 of the top 14 ranked IRT pros.

Web Developer Wanted

IRT_Developer_AdThe IRT is looking for a creative website team to incorporate our defined parameters into an upgraded site including design, coding, and functionality in a way that delivers a user experience as dynamic as the pro game. Racquetball enthusiasts preferred. Must be experienced, meet agreed timetables, and provide (limited) training and ongoing assistance. Apply to [email protected]

ProKennex Tournament of Champions in Portland OR, May 15-18


Men’s professional racquetball returns to the famous court 10 at “The MAC,” Multnomah Athletic Club
where the top 8 pros, international competitors, juniors, and amateurs will compete in the  ProKennex
Tournament of Champions

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US Open 2014: October 8-12 Registration is Open



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