August 2014 IRT Newsletter

August 2014 IRT Newsletter


August 2014

Bringing Tier 1 Racquetball to YOUR City: ROLLOUT Event Group 

You love watching the live pro events on the IRT NetworkLogo-ROLLOUTScript_200 4
don’t you? But, be honest, some of you want more. You want to take and post #selfies with Kane and Rocky on Facebook. Well, to do that, you’re going to need to have an IRT Tier 1 roll into town, and ROLLOUT Event Group—a division of ROLLOUT Lifestyle Apparel Brand—can help make it happen. The process is simple. Here’s how.

Summer in January: 2015 California Open Moves to “Los Cab”

2015_CalOpen_SponsorPacket_Cover_200 2The 2015 California Open will be held at the Los Caballeros facility in Fountain Valley, California, January 8-11, 2015. With eight glass-back walled courts and 3 outdoor racquetball courts, “Los Cab” is one of the few remaining clubs to offer concrete front and sidewall courts for racquetball players, magnifying the power of the pro game.Read More about 2015 California Open

Fire and Ice: Recovering from Racquetball Injuries

Are you confused about whether to use ice or heat for yourHonaker_200 2racquetball injuries? Do you know how much to use and for how long? Let’s try to straighten this out. Injuries to soft tissues result in swelling. This swelling causes tissue damage by blocking oxygen delivery to cells and by the release of chemicals which cause further cell damage. Reducing this initial swelling is critical in order to improve your recovery time. This swelling, along with pain, encourages muscle atrophy and joint stiffness, further prolonging recovery. Here’s what you should do..
Click for More:Fire and Ice: Recovering from Racquetball Injuries

Four Steps to Mental Toughness

franheadshot_150Your ultimate mental toughness goal is to achieve “peak play”. Peak play is when you are playing your best and everything feels right. You are on automatic pilot and you just see it and do it. It is truly amazing what the body and mind can accomplish together. Mastering mental toughness is mastering your mind and your emotions in order to optimize performance.

Click for more: Four Tips to Mental Toughness

by Fran Davis


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Krowning Moment Bobcat Open 9/18-9/21 2014

The first IRT satellite in Texas turns tier one, inviting the pros to  raise money for the Texas State University Racquetball Club and offering 1-day singles and doubles divisions for amateurs. Entries limited to 150  people. 
Sign Up for TX before it sells out
Novasors Ghost of Georgetown KC Pro/Am turns 15 9/25-9/28 2014!
The pros will have only a few days to unpack from Texas before meeting in Missouri for a perennial start-of-the-season favorite, the 15th Annual Ghost of Georgetown KC IRT ProAm presented by Novasors, Edward Jones (Roscao Halsey), and the Kansas Racquetball Association.
Sign up here for KC
UnitedHealthcare US OPEN 10/8-12, 2014

Join over 700 competitors for the most prestigious event in racquetball, better than ever with a NEW pro doubles division. Sign up to watch the pros and play in a wide variety of amateur skill and age divisions.US OPEN sign up and more information Get your IRT on with
ROLLOUT’s IRT branded clothes
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