The Best Racquetball Racquets for Beginners

best beginner racquetball racquet

The Best Racquetball Racquets for Beginners

Racquetball offers one of the best full-body workouts you can get and is easy to get into because you don’t need much equipment. Many gyms will allow you to rent equipment if you’re looking to try the game out to see if you like it, but what do you do once you’ve decided that racquetball is the game for you? Where should a beginner look for racquetball gear? And what’s the best racquetball racquet for a beginner?

The first question is pretty easy to answer. Racquetball Warehouse has everything you’d want to take your racquetball experience to the next level. They have gear for all levels of experience and will often give people that follow the IRT discount codes. So now that you know where to get your gear, what gear should you get?

Know What You’re Looking For

An important thing to remember as you’re getting started is that the racquets the pros use may not be right for you just yet. They often use much more lightweight racquets with string patterns designed to maximize power on very accurate swings among other nuanced differences. When you’re first starting out, a racquet with a bit more heft will help you get more power into your swings and thicker strings can help expand your racquet’s “sweet spot.” You may not get as much power and accuracy as a pro, but when you’re learning the game you don’t need as much power or accuracy as a pro. That will come with practice, but you have to learn to walk before you run.

Recommended Racquets

The important thing to remember when looking at potential racquets is that you’ll want to spend a little more money now to avoid costly replacements. You don’t want a racquet that will break the first time you accidentally hit the floor when swinging at a drop shot. With that in mind, here are some great racquets to help you get started on your racquetball journey.

  • ProKennex ‘19 Kinetic KM 750 : This racquet offers a quality graphite construction and is known for its energy absorption. Hitting a ball over and over again can make your arm very sore, especially when you aren’t used to it yet. This racquet helps you mitigate some of the physical tolls of learning a new sport. It also comes in different models with different grip sizes. 
  • HEAD Metallix 170 : This racquet is designed for power. It’s graphite/liquid metal construction makes it a bit stiffer than other racquets and the unique string pattern creates a kind of “cupping” effect that helps people with moderate or slow swings to maintain power potential. It’s available with two different grip sizes.
  • Extelon O3 175 : This is a very durable racquet thanks to Extelon’s graphite resin bonding process. It’s designed to maximize aerodynamics and reduce drag on your swing which can help beginning players speed up their swings. It has a big sweet spot and comes in two available grip sizes.

Best beginner racquetball racquet?

These are just a few choices, but there are even more available at Racquetball Warehouse. They’ve even compiled a list of racquets that are great for beginners. It’s also a good idea to talk to experienced players in your area to see what they recommend. Racquetball players have a reputation for friendliness and they’re always looking for new opponents to test their skills against. So don’t be afraid to reach out. Now get your racquet and start playing the best game in the world!

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