Bringing Tier 1 Racquetball to YOUR City: ROLLOUT Event Group


Bringing Tier 1 Racquetball to YOUR City: ROLLOUT Event Group

altYou love watching the live pro events on the IRT Network, don’t you? But, be honest, some of you want more. You want to take and post #selfies with Kane and Rocky on Facebook. Well, to do that, you’re going to need to have an IRT Tier 1 roll into town, and ROLLOUT Event Group—a division of ROLLOUT Lifestyle Apparel Brand—can help make it happen. The process is simple. 

Find a club in your area (with sufficient courts and accommodations for an IRT Tier 1 event) and put the club owner in contact with ROLLOUT President Jonathan Clay via email at [email protected] or by phone at 908-309-1829. 
Once a club is onboard to host the event, ROLLOUT Event Group will take it from there, providing their own staff to manage the entire process and event. ROLLOUT creates a tournament name and logo and begins the fundraising phase. They approach individuals and businesses with various options for sponsorship and compelling reasons as to why racquetball is not only a good investment for their health, but also their bottom line. 
ROLLOUT Event Group’s Beginnings (CliffsNotes Version)

  • In 2012, IRT President Jason Mannino wanted to have a Tier 1 tourney in New Jersey.
  • He was aware of Jonathan Clay’s background in running events and tournaments, and gave him a call.
  • Jonathan and his team were able to organize a tremendously successful IRT event in New Jersey—the first in over a decade—in December 2012.
  • Since that time, in conjunction with the IRT, ROLLOUT Event Group has used this event as a prototype for bringing Tier 1 tournaments to other markets throughout the country.

Through their partnerships with USA Racquetball, the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) and the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT), ROLLOUT Event Group can bring a unique and dynamic racquetball event to any market in the country by combining onsite event activation with nationwide media and commercial coverage.
“The IRT is a professional sports league featuring some of the world’s greatest athletes playing the world’s greatest sport,” says IRT President Jason Mannino. “But we are not an event management group; that’s why we work closely with Jonathan Clay and ROLLOUT Event Group to bring racquetball fans the world’s best players and a world-class event experience.”
ROLLOUT Event Group Wrap-up
Can an IRT Tier 1 event really come to my city? YES
I have little experience with events. Can I really help? YES
And what you’re saying is that I can work with ROLLOUT Event Group to make this happen? And that they’ll do all the work? YES and YES
ROLLOUT Event Group is working with people just like you to bring the World’s Fastest Sport—and all the top IRT pros—to cities and clubs around the country!
Contact ROLLOUT President Jonathan Clay today for more information ([email protected] or 908-309-1829).
By Brian Gill
Brian Gill is a writer and racquetball player at heart, feeling fortunate to be able to combine two passions by writing for the IRT. Sponsored by E-Force, the Open-level competitor played college racquetball in the mid- to late-90s at BYU and for the next 14 years. A shoulder injury at 35 forced him to realize he may never be the best player in the world…or the state, for that matter, but he remains the best racquetball player in many small cities and towns throughout Utah. He’s also learned to live with a new-ish shoulder since surgery, feeling fortunate to have a wonderful family and a fun career in marketing, both of which divert his thoughts from spending too much time pondering what could’ve been.