Charitable Partner Spotlight: Rapha International

Charitable Partner Spotlight: Rapha International

Charitable Partner Spotlight: Rapha International

By IRT CEO, Mike Grisz

This is the first in a series of articles about the charitable partners of the IRT. One word about that: We all love the sport of racquetball. We are fortunate we can play such a great game. Supporting our charities helps the racquetball community give back to the world. We are living in a very challenging and difficult time now. It would be easy to lose sight of the need to continue helping these charitable causes.

Rapha International (, formerly known as Rapha House, has as its mission “to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, one child at a time…”. Impoverished children are among the most vulnerable people in the world and are easy targets for exploitation. Rapha International works alongside developing world governments to help create avenues of child protection. Rapha also provides aftercare for survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking and prevention education for at-risk families.

The IRT became involved with Rapha International at the behest of Sal Perconti (an IRT investor and racquetball icon) and his wife Dee (who is on the Board of Rapha International). They became acquainted with Rapha on a mission trip to Cambodia several years ago. Not only were they impressed by its mission and work, but Sal and Dee saw that Rapha also employs indigenous people to achieve their goals, thereby helping local economies and changing local values with respect to women and children.

Each year at the US OPEN, racquetball fans, the IRT, all help Rapha International through the silent auction. This tournament also includes the Planking event, led by Richard Aal.

The IRT is very proud of its association with Rapha International.

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