2011 Coast to Coast California Open: Results & Wrap Up

coast_3d_logo_color2013_250gifHave you gotten used to ignoring product warnings, like coffee is really hot or superman pajamas don’t actually make anyone fly? It’s easy to dismiss them while also chuckling, in part because these overstatements of the obvious are often true. But what happens when they’re not?

If you’ve ever hesitated to buy an ink or toner cartridge because printer people say that it’ll void your warranty and, to make matters seem worse, damage your equipment, you shouldn’t.  They can’t and quality computer products won’t.
That’s why Coast to Coast Computer Products includes a Consumer Education tab on their website www.coastcoast.com (under Resources), so customers have access to accurate information along with name-brand and compatible products like the Diamond Series that help save money, the environment, and maybe even last longer, too.
Rick Roussin, CEO, develops relationships in and around the courts the way the company builds its business – by interacting with people in a positive way while saving them money. Sponsoring last weekend’s Coast to Coast Open in Canoga Park, California was just an example.   “I did this because I love the sport and want to promote it. It was a super positive experience,” said Roussin after the event. I can’t think of any other sport with people who are great athletes and you can get anywhere near them, let alone spend the weekend rubbing shoulders with the top ten players in the sport.”
“Our members love watching the pros,” said Tournament Director, Debbie Tisinger-Moore, referring to the players on the International Racquetball Tour (IRT). With almost 300 people signed up in the draws, including the IRT and WPRO players, the Spectrum Club was lively all weekend.  Anyone who has had the chance to attend a Tier 1 tournament knows how much fun the vibe can be. Fans had plenty of opportunity to enjoy all aspects of the game, whether chatting around the club, playing sponsor/pro doubles, or just watching from the stands.
The top seeds on the men’s side advanced to the semis, except for a couple of upsets including Alvaro Beltran, a finalists for the last two Tier 1 tournaments, including the 2010 US Open, who withdrew after suffering a back injury during the qualifiers and with the defeat of Mitch Williams by Charlie Pratt in the Round of 16’s.
During the first semifinal, #2 Rocky Carson brought a 14-2 record to his match against #3 Ben Croft, who didn’t seem to have his usual quick explosive step. It may have just been Carson’s constant switching up the speed and height of his serves between dominating center court that put Croft on the defensive and didn’t let him get into a groove. Either way, Carson took the first two games, 11-4 and 11-6.
Croft found more consistency, taking the offensive more quickly in the rally than his usual style, winning the third game 11-9. Down in the 4th with a score of 5-8, Croft lost two points after chalking up two technicals, bringing his score down to three. Although it could easily take the steam out of a player, his flat-roll out that followed showed he was still fighting as the match hit the two-hour mark.  In the end, Carson won 11-7, taking the match.
Next, #1 Kane Waselenchuk faced #4 Jack Huczek, who looked sharp and crisp taking an early lead of 5-2. Waselenchuk showed why he’s the most dominating, and perhaps most frustrating player of all time, as he seemed to flip a switch to win the game 11-5 in about thirteen minutes. The next game saw Huczek continuing to play solidly, racking up 6-1 lead with a consistent backhand, forehand, and a deceptive drive serve that didn’t give Waselenchuk the chance to set up. Once again, however, Waselenchuk pulled away, winning 11-9.
Demonstrating how he does a great job of getting in front and blocking out his opponent before burying the ball, Waselenchuk reached a 10-3 lead before coming back on the court to win the game 11-3 and moving on to the finals.
Sunday saw Carson come out strong in the final, taking an early lead before Waselenchuk tied it up at 7-7. Eventually, they exchanged game point opportunities with Carson coming out ahead, 14-12 for game one. Waselenchuk’s 6-0 lead in the second game proved too much for Carson to overcome as he lost the second game 4-11. Game three saw Carson taking the early lead, but Waselenchk came back, eventually tying the score at six. Again, Waselenchuk walked away with the victory at 11-6 in game three and 11-1 in game four, taking the championship and bringing his winning streak to nineteen consecutive tournament wins.
There’s plenty of more action in the 2010-2011 IRT Season as the second half has just begun.