2010 Cali Colombia Grand Slam

The men’s professional International Racquetball Tour (IRT) traveled to the 2010 Cali Colombia Grand Slam ProAm under the fat bamboo. Chris Crowther defeated Mitch Williams (7), 3, (2), 10, 3 in the semifinals to make his first pro tour appearance in a T1/GS final. Kane Waselenchuk defeated Ben Croft (10),4,4,5 in the semifinals. Waselenchuk defeated Crowther in the finals, 1, (3), 7, 0.
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R64 Franco d. Banegas 7,(5),6,(8),5
R64 Garzon d. Siera 2,(10),4,7
R64 Gomez d. Villacreses 5,5,2
R64 Suarez d. Rojas FFT
R64 Rivas d. Martin 8,8,2
R32 Reyes d. Herrera (7),1,(7),9,10
R32 Hawthorne d. Franco 0,2,(6),2
R32 Herrera d. Garzon 0,2,0
R32 Herrera d. Gomez 5,6,9
R32 Landa d. Rios 4,(1),4,4
R32 Pratt d. Suarez 2,5,2
R32 Herrera d. Rivas 6,2,7
R32 Scott d. Munoz FFT
R16 Waselenchuk d. Reyes 1,5,0
R16 Hawthorne d. Rojas 9,3,3
R16 Vanderson d. Herrera (10),2,8,5
R16 Croft d. Herrera 5,7,11
R16 Huczek d. Landa 6,(7),4,8
R16 Crowther d. Pratt 3,14,2
R16 Williams d. Herrera 1,5,7
R16 Carson d. Scott 1,5,3
QF Waselenchuk d. Hawthorne 3,2,3
QF Croft d. Vanderson (6),5,7,(7),8
QF Crowther d. Huczek 4,9,6
QF Williams d. Carson (10),10,9,(5),4
SF Crowther d. Williams (7),3,(2),10,3
SF Waselenchuk d. Croft (10),4,4,5
F Waselenchuk d. Crowther 1,(3),7,0