Ektelon Introduces New Signature Ruben Gonzalez Frame for Fall 2012

Ektelon Introduces New Signature Ruben Gonzalez Frame for Fall 2012

Ektelon’s Ruben Gonzalez signature RG Toron Lite

The New EXO3 RG Toron Lite is the third introduction in a series of Ruben Gonzalez racquets and is already a huge hit with Ektelon Pros and Team Players! Ektelon and Ruben Gonzalez have done it again! By introducing the new EXO3 RG Toron Lite, Ektelon now has the lightest and most powerful frame in the company’s history available to players worldwide for the new 2012 season.

The racquet features the Company’s patented and revolutionary EXO3 technology which eliminates conventional grommet holes to literally lengthen the strings to the frames exterior edges and suspends them to create the largest functional hitting area of any racquet on the market.

The Ektelon RG Toron racquets are named after “The Legend of Racquetball”, Ruben Gonalez and the most revolutionary Ektelon racquet of all-time the “Toron”, which was introducing in 1986 and generally known for taking power in the sport to a whole new level. Gonzalez became the #1 player in the world back when the Toron was first introduced. Currently, Gonzalez is on a quest to end his legendary career on the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) ranked in the top 10 by the age of 60 (top 10X60). Gonzalez started his run during the Spring of 2011 ranked #49 on tour and currently is positioned at #14. His final pro event will take place at the 2012 U.S. Open Championships to be held in Minneapolis, MN in October.

At 160 grams and Power Level 4300, EXO3 RG Toron Lite is the lightest and most powerful racquet Ektelon has ever produced. This racquet follows the EXO3 RG Toron which was the most popular frame of 2011, weighing in at 170 grams with a Power Level of 4200. The new Toron Lite is offered with Ektelon’s most powerful string pattern, Double Power Ring (DPR) and a special signature Ruben Gonzalez full head cover, Premier Power 17 gauge string and Vision Grip in handle sizes; SSR, SS and SM.
The modified teardrop head shape of the Toron is much wider at the top of the frame so the sweet spot is as wide and as powerful as possible across the top of the frame. Ektelon’s Vice President, Scott Winters explains that “the RG Toron was a huge hit last season due to the amazing power generated by the frame. However, it was a bit head heavy for everyone to use. So the objective was clear, remove some weight from the frame for a more head light balance and increase the power level even higher and you have a complete home run! We also recognize that racquets at this price need to hold up to the tough demands of the game. Therefore, we were able to lower the swing weight by removing the String Suspension Inserts at 3 and 9 o’clock from the frame which made the frame lighter without compromising the structural integrity of the frame”.
Ektelon Promotions and Pro Player Manager, Aimee Ruiz (a seven time National Open Doubles Champion) declares that the EXO3 RG Toron Lite is off to the fastest start of any racquet she has ever seen with her pro staff. “Not only is Ruben doing amazing things with the Toron Lite, but most of my team is already playing with the frame and loving it! Ruiz continues that Rhonda Rajsich (WPRO #2) has already won a Gold Medal at the Ektelon Nationals and Jose Rojas (IRT #3) won the first IRT Tier 1 event of his young career with this frame in February 2012”.
The EXO3 RG Toron Lite is available now at $229 along with these other Ektelon EXO3 frames at a retail location where Ektelon products are sold including; EXO3 RG Toron $219, EXO3 Attack Lite $199, EXO3 Attack $179 and EXO3 Re-Ignite $179. For more information about EXO3 technology and the full line of Ektelon products visit www.ektelon.com.
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Based in Bordentown, New Jersey, Ektelon is a division of Prince Sports, Inc. Ektelon has enjoyed the longest, most successful reign of dominance in the sport of racquetball. Ektelon’s heritage includes some of the top players in the sport’s history including former No. 1 players Sudsy Monchik, Mike Yellen, Dave Peck, Ruben Gonzalez and Rhonda Rajsich. In addition, Ektelon has introduced more revolutionary technologies and programs to the sport than any other company. Ektelon innovations include oversized racquetball racquets, the Racquet Taper System (RTS), Power Ring® racquets and Total Racquet Customization, VisionGrip and EXO3 among others. For more information please contact us at 800-283-2635 or log onto our website at www.ektelon.com.
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Prince Sports, Inc, based in New Jersey, is a company of racquet sports enthusiasts whose goal is to create cutting edge, functional and technically advanced products that deliver performance benefits for avid players. The Company’s portfolio of brands includes Prince (tennis, squash and badminton), Ektelon (racquetball) and Viking (platform/paddle tennis).   The Company has a history of innovation including inventing the first “oversize” and “longbody” racquets, the first “Natural Foot Shape” tennis shoe, the first “synthetic gut” string and the first electronic ball machine. Today, Prince markets leading technologies in racquets (EXO3), string (PremierLT) footwear (Lightspeed) and apparel (Aerotech). It has operations on three continents with distribution in over 100 countries. For more information on players, products or programs please visit www.princesports.com.
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