Ektelon Introduces New Technology and Racquets For the 2013-2014 IRT Season

2013 Ektelon Racquet

Ektelon Introduces New Technology and Racquets For the 2013-2014 IRT Season

altEktelon announced they’ve added Extreme String Pattern (ESP) to their extensive portfolio of industry leading frame technologies. ESP technology is included in two new Ektelon frames that will be offered in the company’s industry leading line of performance racquets – the ESP  RG Toron and ESP Classic. ESP takes normal string pattern designs to the extreme by offering the most power and control possible in a frame.


“Currently, string patterns for racquetball racquets include either 14 or 16 main strings,” said Scott Winters, Vice President of Ektelon. “Ektelon ESP frames push the envelope on power by offering either 12 main strings or 18 main strings for maximum control. Less main strings in a racquet, means more string bed elasticity, producing greater power. More main strings create more string to ball contact allowing players to hit the ball exactly where they want it to go.”

The new Ektelon ESP racquets join an already successful line of performance frames including several EXO3 and O3 frames. These frames have revolutionized performance racquetball racquets during the past decade.

Additional detail is provided below on the ESP RG Toron and the ESP Classic racquets:

ESP RG Toron

The RG Toron is named after Ruben Gonzalez, “The Legend of Racquetball,” and the most revolutionary Ektelon racquet of all-time the “Toron,” which was widely recognized for taking power to a whole new level. The head size of the Toron is much wider at the top of the frame, especially in the sweet spot area of the racquet, which helps players when hitting the ball close to the wall. The new ESP RG Toron features a 12 main string DPR pattern for the most power string bed possible, and now ranks as Ektelon’s highest power level frame. The Toron weighs in at 170 grams (unstrung) and includes red colored Premier Power 17 gauge string and clear Vision grip. Recommended string tension is 30-38 lbs. SRP $229.99

ESP Classic

The new ESP Classic follows in the great tradition of past classic Quadraform frame designs such as the Ektelon Strobe, Eminence, Mirada and Attack racquets. The ESP Classic features a narrower more streamlined frame profile for more maneuverability and feel with an 18 main string pattern for maximum control. The frame is stiffer than most narrow beam frames, which helps generate extra power as well as added control benefit. The Classic is offered at 175 grams (unstrung) and comes with black 18 Premier Power string and clear Vision grip. Due to the dense string pattern of this frame the recommended string tension is lower than most Ektelon frames at 28-36 lbs. SRP $199.99

The new ESP racquet models will be available in mid-August from a retail location where Ektelon products are sold. For more information about ESP technology or the full line of Ektelon products visit www.ektelon.com.


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