February 2013 IRT Newsletter

February 2013 IRT Newsletter


February  2013
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Cliff and Kane: 2 Great Lefties, Then and Now

CliffKaneCollage_200Ask a room full of racquetball enthusiasts who the greatest player is and two names are likely float to the top of the list: Cliff Swain and Kane Waselenchuk. Although not exactly contemporaries (most of Swain’s success took place in the 90s; Waselenchuk currently reigns at the top), these two pros have a lot in common—more even than being lefties with power games that dominate the sport. While their success puts them in the same category, Swain and Waselenchuk have their unique aspects as well.
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Play One Point at a Time

franheadshot_150 2In sports, the past is gone and the future never comes, so in racquetball you have to learn that there is only one ball, one shot, one serve, and one point at a time. Time is always now. That is truly the real beauty: every shot you hit only happens in the now.
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What Makes Pros, Pros?

BCROFT-Enats2012forRbW2012_200Whether it’s a painter on the street, a bicyclist flying down the road, or a tennis player roping balls with a partner, I’m often reminded that tremendously talented people surround us everyday.  With so much talent around every corner, I can’t help but wonder: With time and practice, could I do that? Although I appreciate and respect the many people who can take different activities to an elite level, I realize that the answer to my question is no; I could not do what they do at the same level.
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The 209

209JoseMidswingREV_200The IRT number 4 player, Jose Rojas just recently made his second ever final in a Tier 1 Pro Stop. Having played past venerable veteran Alvaro Beltran, he met Rocky Carson in the final of the IRT’s Temperature Control’s Pro/Am event. He didn’t manage to win this one, but his overall result is a testament to his resolve and training in the 209. Rojas was coming off relatively early round loses for a number 3 seed in both the US Open and the IRT’s New Jersey Rollout Pro Stop. Rojas, 23 years old, turned pro in 2008 and has worked his way into the top 5, where he has set himself up for a solid run.
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FL Spring Break ProAm March 6-10

Springtime in Florida means sun, fun, and pro racquetball in Tampa! So pack your bags and get ready play, watch the pros, and enjoy special events like the Rapha House Auction, a Party with the Pros, Play the Pro, and a Junior Clinic.

Denver ProAm March 21-24

Denver, CO area racquetball players and fans are excited to host a Mile High Tier 1 at The Denver Athletic Club. Come watch the pros and play with both mens and womens singles and doubles amateur divisions offered.

St. Louis Party with the Pros April 11-14

Welcome to the 2013 Party with the Pros Tier 1 Professional Racquetball event and Regional Qualifier. This year the event will be held at the JCC. If you have not been to the new facility, it is beautiful. All the courts are new and have glass-backed walls. We will have a court just for the pros with VIP and stadium seating.

Ektelon Tournament of Champions ProAm, Portland, OR April 25-28

Ektelon & the IRT are bringing BACK the Tournament of Champions, a fixture at MAC during the ’80s and ’90s. Featuring the top-8 pros as well as amateur competition at all levels, including doubles, makes it an excellent opportunity for all MAC players to test their skills against players from other clubs throughout Oregon the Pacific Northwest, and all around the country.

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