After ten months, it’s finally time for the tournament!

After ten months, it’s finally time for the tournament!

After almost ten months, it’s time for a tournament! Despite the challenges of the last year, the
pros are ready to play racquetball. The Suivant Consulting Pro-Am presented by Zurek
Construction at the Recreation ATL in Atlanta, GA, has 48 entries in the IRT Pro singles and 14
Pro doubles teams. It’s a fantastic turnout and shows how excited the players are to compete.
The IRT team is nervous but excited; we are ready to go with tournament play starting
Thursday, January 7th.

Safety precautions

We’re going to be COVID careful, checking temperatures, enforcing masks in common areas,
and doing as much as possible to make a safe environment in Atlanta.
Thanks to Donald Williams, Francisco Fajardo, Chad Bailey, Rob Lyons, Jason Chan, and all the
sponsors of this event and the host club, Recreation ATL.


Special guest stars

Dean Baer and Favio Soto are ready to broadcast. They’ll be assisted by Andy Kulback, Karen
Grisz, and other guest commentators. There is also a fantasy bracket you can enter – see how
well you can pick the winners!

We have players from the U.S., Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Canada.
We know we will face continued challenges, but racquetball needs to get going again. We’re
planning on eight total Tier 1 or Grand Slam tournaments in 2021. With the vaccine becoming
available, I’m very hopeful. Then, in 2022, with the Longhorn and the Lewis tournaments
coming back, the IRT schedule should be back on track. I can’t wait.

Our tips for the amazing experience

In closing:
This mess will end someday. There may be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Some
random thoughts as we step back on the court:
1. The sport needs you. If you love it, help it.
2. Get back to it gradually. You’re older…
3. Enjoy the game. Hitting the ball. Even skipping a shot is fun (kind of) right now.
4. Introduce a friend or family member to the game.
5. When you play, play hard, but be nice (yeah, me too).
6. We need to play and use the courts. The club owners and managers will be watching.
7. Support IRT, USA Racquetball, and the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour. Like their pages
on Facebook. Follow their live streams. Renew your membership with USA Racquetball.
8. Get involved with the sport. Help organize the racquetball activities at your club. Join a state
organization. Watch the pro tour matches.

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  • Bill Wasserman, January 6, 2021 @ 8:34 pm Reply

    Great tips for an amazing game!

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