Goal Setting


Goal Setting

altThis is a great time of year for you to set achievable goals for the 2013-2014 IRT season. A dream is a commitment made in your mind . . . and a goal is a commitment made on paper. Your mind is a goal-seeking mechanism, and it thrives on challenges. Your brain has been programmed to set goals and then select appropriate information in order to achieve the end result you want. You need enough mental activity and stress to stay active and healthy, otherwise you lose track of where you are and what you truly want. Goal setting is the easiest way to keep your mind aligned with what you want.

 You are always setting goals whether you realize it or not. Your subconscious mind is always taking care of your physical needs (e.g., eating when hungry), and your conscious mind loves to be on task as well. So set goals in racquetball and watch how you can create things that you never imagined. Just plant a seed, thought, or goal and then feed it, water it, fertilize it, and pick the weeds—then be patient and watch what happens. With baby steps you can accomplish anything you set your mind on.
How to Set Goals

*Last thing at night and first thing in the morning visualize what goals you want to manifest in racquetball.

*Ask yourself what steps you need to take to get there. It all starts with an intention and a desire.

*Visualize your process and end result.

*Create positive affirmations, add passion and truth, and then take action. This is the latest in quantum physics and sport psychology. See it . . . believe it . . . achieve it.

Use the techniques in my book Championship Racquetball to understand “Goal Setting” (Chapter 9, page 232-234)

Goal Setting is a must for my “Championship Team,” Paola, Rocky, Taylor, Sharon, Connor, Jordan, Spencer, Lexi and Brian. I encouraged each and every one of them to take time off this summer, but it is NOW time to get busy for the 2013/2014 season.

Let’s examine what tools Rocky, Paola, Jason and all of my athletes use for  “Setting Goals” by taking a closer look at all 3 sides of The Sports Racquetball Triangle: Conditioning, Mental, and Physical Skills

Left Side of the Triangle

You are 6-8 weeks out from the 2013/2014 season starting so you need to use the components of aerobic conditioning, speed play, strength & power training, agility, balance and flexibility.

Use the techniques in my book Championship Racquetball to understand “Conditioning” (Chapter 10, page 238-254)  and how to get started on a progressive program building every 2 weeks until the season begins. 

You are 6-8 weeks out from the beginning of the 2013/2014 season, so you need to start to eat correctly and drink lots of water. Your brain, muscles and all neural-electrical connections need enough body water and fluids in order to perform at their best.  Your brain floats in water and your muscles work in a water base so give them the fluid they need by drinking at least 60 – 100 ounces of water each day.

Right Side of the Triangle

Mental Skills 

One of the ways to set your goals is to “create positive affirmations.
Once you have decided on what you truly want, you set your goal, and you are able to see the end result. It is time to add an affirmation, or a statement about its truth, such as I am now a champion racquetball player! or I am a winner! or I am a quick, powerful, and intelligent player! Whatever you repeat over and over becomes your mental truth. First comes the desire, then the image, then the thought, and finally your actions. Once you do that, it gets imprinted into your gut (sports brain), and you literally start to create what you want.

Base of the Triangle 

Physical Skills

In order to get ready for the 2013/2014 season to start, you need to do the things necessary to regain your consistency level such as drilling alone, drilling with a partner, playing controlled games (working on specific shots/serves/return of serves/etc.) and then competing—playing games to win.
There arevarious ways to drill and practice to improve in my book, “Championship Racquetball”, Chapter 8, pages 205-214.

ALL of the players I coach, from the professionals led by Rocky and Paola to the amateurs, know just how important it is to set goals for the coming season.

In the next issue, I will continue to build your Championship Racquetball Game one level at a time so you too can be ready to become the champion you always dreamed of becoming, by giving you the tools to make it a reality. Rocky ‘s and all my athletes “Championship Racquetball Games” stem from their focus on ALL 3 sides of the triangle working together so they can develop into top competitors. Without a shadow of a doubt, they KNOW just how important it is to do the work. They are living proof it works and their titles substantiate it.

For details on more personalized instruction, a weekend camp, instructional DVD’s, our book, Championship Racquetball, and our APP (coming soon), ALL which covers all aspects of the Sports Racquetball Triangle and more, please visit www.FranDavisRacquetball.com.Fran Davis is a 2004 racquetball Hall of Fame inductee, Racquetball Woman of the Year 2009, Coach #2 International Racquetball Tour (IRT) Pro Player, Rocky Carson; Coach #1 Women’s LPRT Pro Player, Paola Longoria; Coach Jr. World & National Champion, Intercollegiate Champion, &  IRT Pro Player, Taylor Knoth; Coach Intercollegiate Champion & LPRT Pro Player, Sharon Jackson; Master Professional Instructor/Coach USAR-IP.