International Racquetball Tour Mid-Season Review

International Racquetball Tour Mid-Season Review

 International Racquetball Tour Mid-Season Review

By IRT Statistician JP Edwards

As the international racquetball tour heads into the break for the season, we would like to take a close look at all the action that has occurred so far. For the first half of the season, we had a total of six tier one events along with a few lower-level events scattered throughout. The IRT opened the season on the east coast, with tournaments in Atlanta, Georgia and Laurel, Maryland respectively before heading north to Minnesota for the US Open.

On the bubble: J. Bredenbeck (11), S. Franco (12), M. Mercado (13)


The Atlanta Open, September 5 – 8, 2019 – Lilburn, Georgia

Notable Qualifiers:

Sebastian Fernandez came into the tournament at #17, taking out #16 Javier Mar on his way to the round of 16s. With the absence of #1 Kane Waselenchuk, Fernandez had a bye straight into the quarter finals.


Sebastian Franco (8) def Sebastian Fernandez (17)

Andree Parrilla (4) def Alvaro Beltran (5) 

Alex Landa (3) def Daniel DelaRosa (6)

Rocky Carson (2) def Samuel Murray (7)


Andree Parrilla (4) def Sebastian Franco (8) 

Rocky Carson (2) def Alex Landa (3)

The finals came down to #2 Rocky Carson taking on the young Andree Parrilla. Although Parrilla has beaten Carson in the past, Rocky was able to take the first tournament in the season in only two games. Parrilla scored 13 and 8 points consecutively.

The Valentine Open, September 19 – 22, 2019 – Laurel, MD

Notable Qualifiers:

This draw panned out as anyone might have expected it to. With only two notable upsets by seed they may not even be considered upsets by skill level. #9 Mario Mercado took down #8 Rodrigo Montoya and #14 Andres Acuna took down #3 Andree Parrilla.


Kane Waselenchuk (1) def Mario Mercado (9)

Sebastian Franco (5) def Alex Landa (4)

Sam Murray (6) def Andres Acuna (14)

Rocky Carson (2) def Alvaro Beltran (7)


Kane Waselenchuk (1) def Sebastian Franco (5)

Rocky Carson (2) def Sam Murray (6)

The finals came down to #1 against #2, Waselenchuk and Carson meeting for the first time this season. A terrible start for Carson in game one accompanied by a show of frustration led Kane to a 15 to -1 ending in game one. However, the American bounced back to win game 2, 15-11. While the start of game three may have seemed like a foreshadowing for an 11-10 tie breaker, Kane started to find his rhythm and ended the tiebreaker at 11-4 to take home his first tournament win of the season.

UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Championships, October 1 – 6, 2019 – Minneapolis, MN

Notable Qualifiers:

With 69 participants in this year’s draw, there was plenty of action in the qualifying rounds. However, most notable upset in the qualifying rounds goes to Bradley Rodgers over IRT regular Robby Collins to win qualifying group 1.

Early Main Draw:

Qualifier Javier Mar took out fellow countrymen Rodrigo Montoya (9) in the round of 32s.

Qualifier Carlos Keller topped Samuel Murray (8) in the round of 32s.

Qualifier Thomas Carter beat Jose Diaz (12) in the round of 32s.

Qualifier Adam Manilla won over Sebastian Franco (7) in the round of 32s.

Qualifier Sebastian Fernandez topped off Mario Mercado (10) in the round of 32s.

The top highlight of the round of 16s was Bolivian hero Conrrado Moscoso (15) taking out US Open veteran Rocky Carson (2) in only two games.


Kane Waselenchuk (1) def Javier Mar (24)

Alex Landa (4) def Alvaro Beltran (5)

Daniel DelaRosa (6) def Andree Parrilla (3)

Connrado Moscoso (15) def Sebastian Fernandez (23)


Kane Waselenchuk (1) def Alex Landa (4)

Connrado Moscoso (15) def Daniel DelaRosa (6)

In a highly anticipated match up for the finals, Kane Waselenchuk proved once more why he is #1 by winning his 14th US Open title, ending the Bolivian’s strong run.

For the final three tournaments of the first half of the season, the IRT headed out west. The first stop was held in Tempe, Arizona at Arizona State University. A week later the tour traveled to California before heading to Portland, Oregon to finish off the first half of the season.

Arizona Pro Am, October 24-27, 2019, Tempe, AZ

Notable Qualifiers:

The notable qualifiers that advanced to the main draw would be Virginia native Thomas Gerhart taking out IRT regular Justus Benson, as well as Ruben Baez from El Paso defeating Fransisco Troncoso in their bracket.


Kane Waselenchuk (1) def Sam Murray (8)

Conrrado Moscoso (5) def Alvaro Beltran (4)

Alex Landa (3) def Andree Parrilla (6)

Eduardo Lalo Portillo (10) def Rocky Carson (2)


Kane Waselenchuk (1) def Conrrado Moscoso (5)

Alex Landa (3) def Eduardo Lalo Portillo (10)

After a strong tournament run, third seed Alex Landa was topped in the finals by the number one player Kane Waselenchuk in two games, making Kane 2 for 2 in tournaments this season.

Los Compadres Auto Sales Open , October 31 – November 3, 2019 – Fullerton, CA

Notable Qualifiers:

The only notable and considerably unexpected upset in this round would be Majeed Shahin taking our Jose Diaz who was the #1 qualifier entering the tournament.


Rocky Carson (1) def Daniel DelaRosa (8)

Andree Parrilla (4) def Conrrado Moscoso (5)

Alvaro Beltran (3) def Sam Murray (6)

Alex Landa (2) def Sebastain Franco (10)


Rocky Carson (1) def Andree Parrilla (4)

Alex Landa (2) def Alvaro Beltran (3)

The finals came down to a red-hot Alex Landa who has reached the finals now two tournaments in a row against a struggling Rocky Carson. This game was an important 11-10 tiebreaker win for Landa as it put him in a good position to take over the #2 spot heading into the second half of the season.

SPC John Pelham Memorial Tournament of Champions, December 5-8, 2019 – Portland, OR

Notable Qualifiers:

The only upset that occurred in the early rounds of the tournament came in the round of 32’s when Sam Bredenbeck defeated Robby Collins in two games. In the round of 16’s, there were three notable upsets:

Rodrigo Montoya (9) def Eduardo Portillo (8)

Thomas Carter (12) def Alvaro Beltran (5)

Jake Bredenbeck (10) def Sam Murray (7)


Kane Waselenchuk (1) def Rodrigo Montoya (9)

Andree Parrilla (4) def Thomas Carter (12)

Alex Landa (3) def Daniel DelaRosa (6)

Jake Bredenbeck (10) def Rocky Carson (2)


Kane Waselenchuk (1) def Andree Parrilla (4)

Alex Landa (3) def Jake Bredenbeck (10)

Once again, Alex Landa reached the finals. Reaching his third finals in a row and the unfortunate loss of Carson due to injury pushed Landa into the second-place position on tour heading into the mid-season break. However, Kane Waselenchuk established his dominance by taking the finals and winning every tournament that he has entered this season.

The IRT will begin again in January with three back to back tournaments:

January 17-19: Longhorn Open, Austin TX

January 23-26: Lewis Drug Pro/Am, Sioux Falls SD

January 30-Feb 2: Lou Bradley Memorial, Sun Prairie WI


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