IRT Operations and Sanctioning

The men’s professional International Racquetball Tour (“IRT”) is operated by a Board of Directors consisting of the year-end one- and two-ranked players, one elected player representative, three independent directors and the IRT President. The IRT President or a designee will be present to monitor all matches and observe event conduct at all Grand Slam and Tier 1 events. The IRT President has final authority to resolve disputes regarding the draw, rule questions and any other IRT matters.


Events in the United States are sanctioned by USA Racquetball (“USAR”). All participants in IRT events in the United States must be current members of USAR.

IRT Memberships and Entry Fees

Competitors in the Professional division must be members of the IRT. IRT membership is paid per tournament for Tier 2 through Tier 5 events and IRT One-Day Shootouts (see table below). IRT membership for Tier1 and Grand Slam events is included in the Entry Fee.

All entry fees must be paid in full prior to the player reporting to the court. Failure to do so prior to playing may result in a fine or forfeiture. The IRT President, at his discretion, may deduct entry fees and annual dues from prize money checks for established, full-time players. The following table outlines IRT dues and entry fees:


Grand Slam

Tier 1

Tier 2/3

Tier 4/5

One-Day Shootout

Prize Money


$17,500 – $29,999

$5,000 – $17,499

Up to $4,999

Up to $1,999


Included in Entry Fee




Entry Fee



Local Director’s Discretion

The Draw

No changes may be made to the draw once it has been posted officially, normally 24 hours prior to start of play. In the event a player drops out after the draw is posted, no points will be awarded, no payout of prize money shall be paid and a fine may be imposed as per the IRT player guidelines (Exhibit E). The deadline to enter an the professional division of a Grand Slam or Tier One event is at 6 pm Pacific Standard time, three days prior to start of play. All players must enter through the IRT CEO or the event director. If in the event of a mistake in seeding the draw, the mistake will be corrected and the draw changed accordingly only if the tournament has not begun play. If play has begun, the draw will remain as is.

The first tournament of the year and all Grand Slam events shall be a straight draw based on the current rankings of the player at the time of the event. All other events will use a flip in the 5th –8th seeds as follows consecutively (Exhibit A). The first full ranking event of the year will use the year-end final rankings regardless of the timing of the event.

Seeding and Qualifying

For Tier One and Tier One+ events, the Main Draw begins play in the round of 16, with the 8 highest ranked players in attendance automatically seeded. Grand Slam events begin play in the round of 32, with 16 highest ranked players in attendance automatically seeded. Pro Qualifying will consist of the highest 9-16 ranked players in attendance beginning play in the round of 32 and all other players qualifying into the 9-16 slots based on seed.


Tier One events – All draws are seeded based upon IRT ranking points for all Tier One and Grand Slam Events. No exceptions shall be given. When players are tied in points, the player who has the most points in the current season to date will be seeded higher. In the event a player has no IRT ranking points, the players will then be placed in the draw at the President’s and tournament director’s discretion.

Lower tiered events – Lower tiered events will be seeded by IRT points for anyone ranked in top 100 at the time of the event. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the IRT President for the sake of fair play.

Court Assignments

During each round of play, the player with the highest tournament seeding will be assigned to the “show court”. However, if due to lengthy play of a prior match, a higher seeded player may be reassigned to a different court by the IRT President or the event director.


All matches are played with the Pro Penn HD, the Official Ball of the IRT. 

Player Conduct

All IRT players are obligated to conduct themselves in line with the IRT Player Code of Conduct.

Prize Money

The President will cut all prize money checks for Tier One and Grand Slam events on the Monday immediately following the event. Satellite Directors (Tier 2-5) are to cut prize money checks on Sunday after the professional finals. Prize monies will be paid in full.

Player Attendance

Top eight players are expected to attend all Grand Slam and Tier One events, barring injury. If a top eight player is unable to attend a Grand Slam or Tier One event, he must seek an exemption from the President at least two weeks in advance. Violation of expected attendance may result in a fine of up to $1,000 or suspension.

Top eight players may participate in IRT Satellite events (Tier 2-5) in accordance with the IRT’s Satellite Event Rules (Exhibit C). Top eight ranked players competing in a satellite event (Tier 2-5) must confirm their entry with the IRT President and event director no later than 30 days prior to the event. Violation of this confirmation may result in a fine of up to $1,000 and/or suspension.

Once a player is confirmed for a satellite event (Tier 2-5), he must play unless an exemption is granted by the IRT President at least two weeks prior to the event. Violation of this policy may result in a fine up to $1,000 and/or suspension.

Broadcast and Photograph Rights

The IRT maintains all rights to player’s photographs, broadcasting and video productions, posters, calendars and media releases produced in association with the IRT. The IRT may use players name, likeness, photo, video and the like in association with promoting the IRT (including but not limited to IRT event promotion, tournament promotion, websites, media, marketing, press releases, posters, banners, etc).


Current rankings and other pertinent information is available to everyone on the IRT website ( If a player would like additional information they should contact CEO Mike Grisz ([email protected]) and all necessary information will be provided to them.

* Unless otherwise stated, all fines and suspensions are handed out by the IRT President and subject to appeal by the IRT Board of Directors in accordance to IRT’s Player’s Code of Conduct.

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