Is Your Most Important Piece of Equipment Underfoot?

Is Your Most Important Piece of Equipment Underfoot?

What’s the most important piece of equipment you need to compete, with the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) or at your local club? A lot of people say a racquet, glove, string, or even grip. I rarely hear shoes as an answer and it baffles me. Having a high performance shoe can not only benefit your game, but benefit the way you feel, too. That’s why we’re offering the chance to win a pair with the latest styling and technology. Click for more information and how to enter.

Mizuno Wave Tornado 7

Ever since I can remember I have been most picky about the shoes I play with. Having a shoe that is comfortable, stable, properly fitted, and that caters to your style of play is no less important than choosing the right racquet or any other piece of equipment. From my past personal experience and from talking with others, a lot of racquetball players will settle on shoes that may not be the best option for them.The first thing I look for in a shoe is fit. If it doesn’t fit well it doesn’t matter what incredible technologies the shoe may have. It is often easy to make compromises to look good, but save that for off the court. I’ve done it, and I’m sure we’re all guilty of it! When I am looking at shoes I will look for a shoe that is narrow with a medium arch. If the shoe doesn’t offer either of those I pretty much know that it’s not going to offer what I need.

My second consideration is the technologies that are built into the shoe. There are a number of technologies designed specifically for competing on an indoor court surface. A few notable ones are: Mizuno’s Wave Technology providing superior stability and cushioning, Hi-Tec’s 4:SYS Midsole Technology that distributes impact to increase stability and support using seven different densities of foam, and Asics’ WET GRIP technology designed to increase traction on wet or dirty surfaces. These are only a few of the newer technologies introduced – for a full

Hi-tec S750 4:SYS

list check out the Racquetball Warehouse Learning Center. Technologies can have a significant impact on the performance of a shoe, especially in a fast-paced sport like racquetball.
The third and least critical aspect of my shoe-choosing process is cosmetics. Let’s be honest though, this is an important part to most if not all of us. We have seen a lot of wild colors and styles around sports in recent years so we do our best to offer a mix of traditional looks and colors as well as more modern styling. So what should you take from all of this? Take time to seriously consider the best shoe for you and

Asics Gel Volley Elite

remember – we have FREE Return Shipping if you make the wrong choice the first time.
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