July 2013 IRT Newsletter

July 2013 IRT Newsletter


July 2013
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State of the Tour

Jason_ENatsbyREstrung_200A pro known for his unusual serve, lively banter, and extraordinary drive, Jason Mannino retired from playing as he accepted the IRT leadership role during the 2009-2010 season. Since then, the number of professional events has tripled, earnings continue to go up, endorsements are on the increase, and win streaks and rivalries make the game exciting for players and spectators alike.
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Dunlop Enters Racquetball; Sudsy Named Category Manager

sudsyDunlop RBallPage1At the outset of 2013, several key growth opportunities in racquet sports existed for Dunlop, one of which was an entrance into racquetball. Now, with racquetball legend Sudsy Monchik on the team, Dunlop will deliver a premium product line of racquets, balls and accessories this summer. With a racquet line focused on reducing aerodynamic drag and a ball that is 40% more visible than the leading competitor, Dunlop expects to turn the racquetball market upside down.

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Preseason Training

franheadshot_150Now that you’ve gone through the postseason recovery cycle (see my last article, “Taking Time Off”), you are ready for the Preseason Schedule, which starts getting you ready for the fall schedule when tournaments/leagues start up again.
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UnitedHealthcare US Open Announces Brumfield Tribute

BrumfieldCoverThe 2013 UnitedHealthcare US OPEN announced the addition of special tribute to honor one of the greatest champions in the history of racquetball, Charlie Brumfield. In conjunction with the US Racquetball Foundation, a special Legend’s Reunion of superstars from the 70’s and 80’s, including Dr. Bud Muehleisen, Randy Stafford, Marty Hogan, Dave Peck, Rueben Gonzalez, Jerry Hilecher, Steve Keely, and dozens of others will be offered.


Ryan Matthew Cotterman IRT Scholarship Program

RyanCotterman_200headshotThe IRT is proud to announce the Ryan Matthews Cotterman Scholarship program for the 2013-2014 season. Once again, the IRT is offering eight scholarships to deserving collegiate athletes. This program is named in Ryan’s honor as he possessed the same attributes demonstrated by successful recipients: potential to go far in the sport, a drive to succeed, tenacity, competitiveness, and the willingness to work hard.
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Got (Chocolate) Milk?

JoseRojasWORWhen you cool down and towel off after a long workout, you’re not quite done taking care of your body. It’s important to refuel your muscles, too. Moderate- to high-intensity workouts like racquetball use up your body’s stores of glycogen, the main fuel used to get you through those workouts. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) says that if you work out at a moderate- to high-intensity rate for 90 minutes or longer, you should have a healthy refueling drink within 30 minutes post-workout. After a long workout, many people reach for a favorite sports drink, water or maybe even juice. But there’s actually a great workout recovery drink option: chocolate milk. It may surprise you to learn that the drink you loved as a kid is actually an excellent post-exercise recovery beverage.
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