Leaders & Voices

Leaders & Voices

Leaders & Voices

As we hopefully emerge from COVID, I was thinking of the people in racquetball who were strong leaders and voices over the past year. There are many others than who I name but these are the first I think of:

Mike Coulter and Peggine Tellez – I’m sure they could write a book on the travails and logistics of hosting the Las Vegas 3 Wall event last October. I stand in awe of that achievement. I hope they stay involved for a long, long time.

Sudsy Monchik – From his first video, “Keep It Going” (remember us all hitting balls “around the world”?) through all his shows with John Ellis, he has a positive voice for the sport. He’s been a good friend of mine and of our sport.

Norm McNutt – Keep Racquetball Great has been a rallying point for the sport. You don’t have to agree with everything, but you want to read and be engaged. Congratulations to Norm on exceeding 5,000 members in KRG.

Freddy Ramirez – Controversial? Sometimes. But issues need to be raised and discussed. I don’t always agree with Freddy, but our sport’s leadership needs to be challenged.

There are many others who spend countless hours trying to save our great sport. I salute everyone who’s trying, and look forward to seeing you on the courts soon.

Mike Grisz

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