New Year’s Resolution: I Will Start Playing Racquetball

start playing racquetball

New Year’s Resolution: I Will Start Playing Racquetball

As the new year approaches, many people take stock of their health and well-being and decide the time is right to start exercising. For most people, there is an assumption that the only way to fulfill an exercise resolution is to start lifting weights or take a spin class — but those people often stop exercising after a few weeks. What they should have done for a better shot at lasting change is ask themselves how to start playing racquetball.


When you start playing racquetball the positives start to become very clear very quickly. The nature of the game provides a multitude of health benefits for nearly every muscle group in your body, increases your social circle, and can even reduce costs for some types of insurance. Not only that but because racquetball is played indoors, you don’t have to wait for a Spring thaw to start your new healthy adventure.


You’re Never In It Alone


You may ask yourself why the social aspect of racquetball makes it a great choice of activity for your resolutions. The answer is simple: accountability. When you start a gym membership all on your own, it’s hard to keep going day in and day out, week after week, and month after month because there’s no one by your side. All of a sudden you’ll tell yourself it’s ok to skip one day of weights. And then one day becomes two and on and on until it’s June and you haven’t looked at your gym shorts in months, let alone worked out.


By joining a rec league with a friend or simply coming in and meeting other new racquetballers that want to improve their lives you instantly have a support system that will help you to keep coming back. Racquetball friendships are incredibly common. And when you have people you like that you share an activity with, you’re more likely to keep up with the activity. You’re not on your own with racquetball. Whether you’re experienced or a novice, there’s always someone that can keep you coming back.


A Full Body Workout


It seems like every fly-by-night home exercise machine claims to give a full-body workout, but racquetball actually does it — and has for decades. The different angles and amounts of force you use to hit the ball provide a great upper body workout while the twisting motions and quick changes in direction help improve core strength and balance. Not only that, the near-constant motion of a racquetball volley which is punctuated by quick, short sprints provides both aerobic and anaerobic benefits.  Each part of the game benefits a different part of the body, and when combined create a unique and unbeatable exercise experience.


Health Benefits of Racquetball


It’s plain to see how racquetball is an effective method of exercise, but what health benefits carry over from the court? First of all, the focus required while playing racquetball frees your mind from the stress of the day. Many more solitary and less free-flowing and energetic workouts allow your mind to keep circling around to the stressors of daily life that can impede the endorphins that exercise is meant to release in your body. Some studies show that the core strength required in racquetball helps improve posture in a player’s everyday life and can even help reduce the loss of balance and falling in elderly people who played regularly when they were younger.


And thanks to the stretching, twisting, and quick changes of direction that come naturally in a racquetball match, many players see improved flexibility in their day-to-day lives. Players also see improvements in hand-eye coordination and mental agility. What that means is that, because of the nature of the action in racquetball, you don’t just see physical improvement — you improve your mind as well. 


The Best Choice for Mind, Body, and Wallet


Racquetball makes lives better and it’s easy to get started. Many gyms have equipment that they will rent out to new players who are trying the game out for the first time. They will also have league structures if you aren’t starting alongside a friend that will help you connect to other players with similar and more advanced skill levels. Not only that, but once you become a regular player, some life insurance providers will offer discounts based on the benefits of your regular activities which can save you tons of money in the long run. So,  find your local racquetball court and get in the game! Make this the year that your resolution sticks.

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