November 2014 IRT Newsletter

November 2014 IRT Newsletter

November 2014

Red Swain Shootout Hits Historic Courts without Kane

RS_CathyHolden_2013_11_385x480#1-ranked Kane Waselenchuk won’t be among the IRT pros returning to the historic Davison Athletic Club in Davison, Michigan for the Red Swain Shootout this week. The innner-ear problems that plagued him earlier in his career returned during the UnitedHealthcare US OPEN, threatening to sideline him indefinitely. For contenders in the draw, anticipation is high after Alvaro Beltran took down Daniel De La Rosa in four games to earn his first Tier 1 championship, the 2013 Red Swain title. Photo by Cathy Holden

Garden City: The Small Town with Big City Passion

 GarCityYMCA_200 2If you asked someone what Garden City, KS is most famous for, the response might be, “Where?” Indeed the tiny community of 25,000 which lies just under 400 miles west of Kansas City, is by far the smallest to hold a Tier 1 stop, but more than makes up for it with a core of passionate and enthusiastic individuals that is rare to find, even in big cities.
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The Myth-Making of King Kane

USOPEN_2014_Freddy_Kane_Final_385x480For decades, hockey people have been trying to articulate the brilliance of Wayne Gretzky. For decades, they have failed. My personal favorite comes from Justin Bourne, who wrote, “All hockey skills are secondary to whatever-it-was-that-Gretzky-had.” While impossible to say with precision what it was that allowed a small-ish player with good (but not great) skills to conquer the sport of hockey, what we can say for certain is that Gretzky made hockey an intuitive game; he saw the ice differently than anyone before or since, and reacted accordingly. The result was to put himself in position to make plays no one else would ever have thought to make. It was this incredible ability that led Soviet legend Igor Dmitriev to call Gretzky an invisible man: “He appears out of nowhere, passes to nowhere, and a goal is scored.” Photo by
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DO NOT Let Bad Calls Adversely Affect You

franheadshot_150If you watch any sport, you’ll see bad calls. Referees are human. Humans make mistakes. For the most part, you’ll notice the athletes let it go moving onto the next play rather than harping on the bad call. Take a tip from those athletes: Do not let a bad call affect you adversely. If you do not and keep thinking about it, you’ll lose more points because you couldn’t let it go…a BIG, BIG mistake.

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#7 Ben Croft: Husband and New Father at Ease with Racquetball Legacy 
Photo by     

Ben Croft is ahead of the game, the game being racquetball and life. Racquetball’s 7-th ranked pro, “Crash-test Dummy” has competed on the pro circuit since 2007…
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Start 2015 Right:
Travel to a Tier 1!

January 8-12:

Coast to Coast California Open
Fountain Valley, CA

January 15-18:

Catus Salon NYC ProAm
Long Island, NY

January 22-25:

Lewis Drug ProAm
Sioux Falls, SD

Long Beach Open Doubles: MOVED to

April 9-11, 2015

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Stayed tuned for more information on this inaugural all-doubles pro event.
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