Rankings Update: Rocky’s #1 for US Open

Rankings Update: Rocky’s #1 for US Open

IRT Rankings October 3 2015
October 3, 2015 top 15 IRT Rankings

After the first tournament of the 2015-2016 IRT season, the 2015 Ghost of Georgetown Novasors Kansas City IRT ProAm, Carson claimed the #1 IRT ranking, which seemed contrary given that the #1 seed and player, Kane Waselenchuk, had defeated Carson in the final.

The reason is that the 2014-2015 IRT season opened with the 2014 Krowning Moment Pro Invitational and the Bobcat Open followed by the 2014 “Ghost.” In this, the 2015-2015 IRT season, the 2015 Krowning Moment Pro Invitational and Bobcat Open is scheduled for later than last year so (for now) the Krowning Moment event expired from the 12-month rolling ranking calculations 

After the 2015 “Ghost” season opener, Kane Waselenchuk dropped the 400 points garnered from his 2014 victory while Carson dropped 302 points from his second place finish. Since these points were not replaced from the back-to-back tournament results, the resulting 98 point difference was enough for Carson to pass Waselenchuk for the top spot as we head into the 2015 UnitedHealthcare US Open Racquetball Championships. 

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