Positive Self-Talk- Fran Davis

Positive Self-Talk- Fran Davis


We as human beings are 100% in control of the thoughts and emotions that we choose to focus on. So whatever we pay attention to and focus on grows. If you are filled with negativity,doubt and fear is what will grow in your mind. If you focus on being positive,happy, and fearless that is what you will create. All of this is up to you.Everyday thoughts are random, but the ones we keep thinking about become our truth. So ask yourself these very questions. Do you want to be positive or negative? Do you want to be a winner or a loser? The choice is yours.

Well, negative self-talk is destructive behavior, but positive self-talk is constructive behavior. Negativity breeds negativity. Positive thinking breeds positive results.

Think about it, if I was coaching you and you came off the court and I said to you, “You are playing lousy… what is wrong with you? or How can you be so bad? Or You’re like a novice player give it up”. You would probably fire me on the spot. Unfortunately, players often talk to themselves like that and that is unacceptable.

Do you think you can play better when someone or yourself puts you down like that? The answer is NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

What I’d like to do is share with you how you can turn the negative situations into positive ones and benefit greatly from them. Here’s a few examples:

1-Negative Self-Talk       – “How can you skip that ball it was such an easy shot? You are so bad.”

  -Positive Self-Talk         – “Okay you skipped the ball, no problem, just swing at full extension, flat and level next time, not down and you will get it.”

2-Negative Self-Talk       – “You are so slow; I can’t believe you couldn’t get that ball…pathetic.”

   -Positive Self-Talk        – “Great try, but you weren’t in position so you couldn’t get that shot. Next time when your opponent is there, go behind them not in front of them.”

3-Negative Self-Talk – “What’s up with your ceiling ball it’s horrible? Give it up and just shoot it.”

  -Positive Self-Talk – “Okay your ceiling ball is coming off the back wall because you are over hitting it and it’s too far forward on the ceiling. Just take some pace off it and hit further back on the ceiling and you’ll be fine.”

4-Negative Self-Talk – “You are serving so bad today how do you expect to win?”

  -Positive Self-Talk –   “Alright, your drive serve is coming short a majority of the time, so hit higher in your hitting zone and flat and level. Take your time.”

The examples above are just a few examples of how you can change and reprogram your negative self-talk into positive self-talk. This positive thinking pattern is within your reach, whenever you are playing.

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