Racquetball Humor: Charlie Brumfield Top Quotes

2013 US Open Past Champions by restrungmag.com

Racquetball Humor: Charlie Brumfield Top Quotes

Pro Players, Past and Present, Posed at the 2013 US Open Party with the Pros

Unlike more genteel sports, pro racquetball showcases a certain repartee between the players, crowd, and even the referee. Verbal clashes, comebacks, and banter help the pros psych themselves up and get into their opponents’ heads. For some, the jokes continue long after playing careers are capped. Read on for quips from a master of witticisms and the game, 2013 US Open honoree, Charlie Brumfield.

Charlie Brumfield joined other racquetball elders at a table that stretched across the stage at Minneapolis’ Pour House. The 2013 US Open Party with the Pros began sedately. Attendees listened to others sharing memories of Brumfield’s commanding play and smart sense of humor, like when he questioned the presence of a ref who looked more likely to ride off on a Harley than officiate a pro racquetball match “Well, at least I know my hubcaps will be here when the match is done,” Brumfield reportedly said. When the one-time Leach-sponsored player took to the podium, he was just as cheerfully realistic as he’d been during the pro career he ended in 1981. “I don’t have any money, but I’ve donated $20,000 from my life insurance policy to the U.S. Racquetball Foundation. And as my oncologist will tell you, that’s as good as cash.”

“The People’s Champion” a Selection of Popular Quotes
“I’ve dropped down from the clear favorite into an upset position. That means other racquetball players will be in a position to upset me.”
“I saw you win that last match. Six months after I die have them dig me up. I’ll still spot you 15 points.”
“My analytical prowess and the ability to pinpoint my opponent’s weaknesses have been neutralized by the raw power.”
“The best doubles team in racquetball is Brumfield and whoever my lefty partner is.”
“Here comes the Heavenly Donut Truck. (At 20-0).”
“Get the “Beep” out of the way! I’m here because I need the money, and I’m going to win!’ When that happened Borg couldn’t compete with Brumfield any more in squash and lost to him in badminton at the Challenge of the Racquets.”
“I fully understand as well a robust reluctance by my contemporaries to ever consider me as a victim. But to be sure, the calls and the pranks did not always go in my favor.”

“In those days, I played very close and when an opponent jacked me with a pass, I pushed off aggressively with my left arm to go back and make the opponent pay for the temerity.”
“Another day, Another win.”
“Why should I practice law? When few attorneys make what I’m making.”
“Nobody remembers second place.”
“I AM the People’s Champion!”
From “Charlie Brumfield: King of Racquetball,” by Steve Bo Keeley and used with permission. Click here to read more about the book and to peek inside.