The Racquetball World is Open

The Racquetball World is Open

I played in two excellent tournaments over the last two weekends. It was such a fantastic feeling to be playing competitively, interacting with other players, seeing people I haven’t seen for months. The first was indoor over Memorial Day weekend – the return of the long-running 2021 Wintergreen Classic Pro-Am, in Severna Park, Maryland. The next week was outdoor – the Capital City WOR Championships in Reston, Virginia.

The Wintergreen Classic, an annual tournament put on by Slemo Warigon, was a Tier 5 IRT event which had a very respectable pro turnout; including Lalo Portillo, Sebastian Franco, Mario Mercado, Eduardo Garay, local favorites Troy Warigon and Momo Zelada, and quite a few others. It was great to see high quality racquetball. Thanks to Slemo for putting on a much-needed event.

The very next weekend, only about 60 miles southwest, was the outdoor tournament. There were top players from Florida, New York, Michigan, and New Jersey. Kudos to Amie Brewer, Carrie Hoeft, and others for putting on an amazing event.

Two great tournaments, indoor and outdoor, both successful. If you’re reading this, and you want to help the sport of racquetball, play in these tournaments. There are many large events upcoming, including the National Masters in Chicago in July, the 2021 Team Root Outdoor Nationals Racquetball Championships presented by Pro Kennex in Huntington Beach, CA in July, the World Singles and Doubles Championships in Denver in August, the World Seniors in August in Albuquerque in September. Different formats, indoor and outdoor, varied locations. Your state is probably also starting to host tournaments again. The sport needs its players to participate.

Even more coming after that including the UnitedHealthCare US OPEN Championships in Minneapolis, MN and 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships in Las Vegas, NV.

Support racquetball, play tournaments, connect with the racquetball community. Thanks.

Mike Grisz

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