A Racquet Racket: The Difference Between Racquetball and Squash

racquetball vs squash

A Racquet Racket: The Difference Between Racquetball and Squash

Racquetball vs squash- what’s the difference?

There’s nothing quite like stepping into an indoor court to play an intense, athletic game in a social setting for a great workout. But one thing you don’t want to do is bring your racquetball gear to a squash court and vice versa. The games are similar but have several key differences. So when you think of Racquetball vs Squash, use this info to help you decide which game is best for you.


A Game of Inches


One of the biggest differences between racquetball and squash is the size of the courts. Racquetball is played on a 40 ft x 20 ft x 20 ft court while the squash is played on a slightly smaller 32 ft x 21 ft x 18.5 ft court. There is also a difference in the size of the rubber ball used for each game. Racquetballs are larger and bouncier—they are about 42% bigger than squash balls.

The size and shapes of the racquets are different from game to game as well. Firstly, a squash racquet is spelled differently. It’s a racket. This is because one of the names attributed to squash during its evolution in England was “rackets.” Racquetball, though, came into being much later and was a combination of several other sports including squash and tennis—so when it came time to decide on a spelling, Joe Sobek (credited inventor of racquetball) went with the more tennis-related spelling of racquet instead of a racket. But are there differences besides spelling? Of course! A racquet is 22 inches long and has a wider, tear-drop shape while a racket is longer at 27 inches and narrower. 


It’s Not Just About Size


Measurements aren’t the only differences between the games. They have different rules for gameplay and scoring that are important to know about. For example, serving the ball is different in each game. Racquetball has a service area that you can stand anywhere in, bounce the ball, and hit it so that it bounces off the front wall and then behind the serving line. Squash has serving boxes that a player must stand-in. They hit the ball to the opposite corner from their box to start. Additionally, in racquetball, you can use the ceiling of the court during a rally while the ceiling is out-of-bounds in squash.

Scoring works differently as well. You can score in squash whether you’re serving or not. You play to 11 points in a best-of-five match. In racquetball, though, points can only be scored when you have the serve. Matches are 2-out-of-3 but the first two games go to 15 points while the tiebreaking third game is only played to 11. In both racquetball and squash, games have to be won by at least two points. 


See You in Court


Racquetball and squash are both great games and great workouts. Both games have millions of players around the world. The great thing about these sports is that if you want to try them out, most gyms that have facilities for them will have rental equipment for you to use at first. Once you decide that you want to play regularly, purchasing your own racquet, your own racket, safety goggles, and balls won’t cost you very much. These are some of the most accessible and fun games on the planet and each is a fun and unique workout. Racquetball vs squash – it is up to you to decide. So ask around your area to find a racquetball or squash court near you and start playing!

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