Charitable Partner Spotlight: Reaching Your Dream Foundation

Charitable Partner Spotlight: Reaching Your Dream Foundation

Charitable Partner Spotlight: Reaching Your Dream Foundation

By IRT CEO, Mike Grisz

As part of a series of articles on the IRT’s charitable partners, I recently spoke with the venerable duo of Mike Lippitt and John Dalisky of the Reaching Your Dream Foundation (RYDF). We discussed the objectives of RYDF and where the foundation goes coming out of the COVID-19 crisis.

As an aside, let me emphasize what an indispensable partner RYDF has been to the IRT. Many of the players currently on Tour wouldn’t have been there without the help and support of RYDF.

RYDF is a nonprofit organization that began in 2014 by a group of racquetball players with the desire to give back to the sport. The objective of RYDF is to support young athletes from around the world with needed resources to achieve success, both on and off the court, to help develop meaningful careers in sports and life.

The “Dream Team” program, which is the program that directly helps both the IRT and LPRT, is actively assisting approximately 60 athletes with their rooming expenses while traveling for professional tournaments. RYDF also focuses on junior player development in the Fitness Forever Program, where they work closely with Dave and John Ellis. RYDF is working towards expanding the juniors program by adding more leaders, doubling the junior budget, and exploring supporting collegiate racquetball in coordination with the California Nevada Racquetball Association. They recently received a $5,000 Grant from the Community Foundation of San Joaquin, thanks to Dave Ellis’ assistance in supporting the junior program.

COVID-19 has stopped most of RYDF’s activities for now, like the rest of the racquetball world, but the Foundation is financially sound and ready to resume its support of racquetball when we can get back on the courts. To help reignite excitement for racquetball and satisfy our need for competition, RYDF is working with the IRT to sponsor a satellite event in the San Francisco Bay area, hopefully in December.

Click HERE to learn more about the Reaching Your Dream Foundation.

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