Recovery Cycle- Fran Davis

Recovery Cycle- Fran Davis


In-season usually lasts from September through May, which is a nine-month stretch and extremely long. To keep from overtraining or burning out, you have to understand the cycles of training. You can only play at your best for an average of six to eight weeks at a time because of fatigue, both physical and mental, and the possibility of sustaining injuries. Playing a lot of tournaments over a long period of time exhausts you, so you have to match your tournaments to your peak play cycles. You can basically prepare and peak four times a season for major tournaments.

After every six to eight weeks, you need to take a “recovery cycle” in which you rest and stretch and heal. Take a week off on low maintenance and repair. Rocky Carson, Paola Longoria and myself follow this advice because we are not immune to injury either:

Rocky Carson is on the islands with his family.

Paola Longoria is heading to the Los Angeles area with her family.

I just returned from New York City to visit my family.

The best of the best like Rocky Carson, Paola Longoria, Jason Mannino, and my junior’s Wayne Antone, Jordan Cooperrider and Mitchell Turner (all 2017 Jr. National Champions) know just how important it is to “Recover”.  This is one of the key components that have led them to their accomplishments, so follow in their footsteps as their records speak for themselves.