Rocky Carson Defends Title at the 2013 NY Temperature Controls IRT ProAm

Rocky Carson 2012 Ektelon Nationals, Presented by Penn by restrungmag

Rocky Carson Defends Title at the 2013 NY Temperature Controls IRT ProAm

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Congratulations to Rocky Carson for earning his second straight title at the NY Temperature Controls Pro/Am this weekend in Long Island, NY. He defeated Jose Rojas in the finals 11-7, 11-9, 11-4.

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Semifinal Recap by IRT Intern, Kathy Geels
Rocky Carson d. Chris Crowther (8), 2, (7), 10, 6
For the second semi-final, Rocky Carson defeated Chris Crowther in a tense display that appeared undecided until half-way through the fifth game. Combining the pressure of steady drive serves, along with angles and passes, Carson successfully kept Crowther on the move, forcing mainly defensive returns throughout. Crowther threatened to unravel a couple of times over controversial calls, but effectively used time-outs to push Carson to the limit, sitting on match point in game four, then rebounding from the overturned ace that would have won the match in order to closely contest the first half of game five. After jumping to a five zero lead he eventually lost his foothold to Carson’s gritty, methodical play. Carson moves on to play Jose Rojas in the finals.
Jose Rojas d. Alvaro Beltran 6, 8, (1), 5

With a game of precise shot-making and measured decision-making, Jose Rojas defeated Alvaro Beltran in the first semi-final match of the day. Serving was tentative, with Rojas steadily outscoring Beltran up until 7-3, then broke tempo by introducing his drive service game, handily finishing it 11-6. Game 2 was more of the same, with Beltran finally switching to his drive serves about mid-way through. The change seemed to keep him in the hunt as the game see-sawed back and forth, until 6-8, advantage Beltran, when Rojas took a time-out, came in, and finished off game 2. Game 3, Rojas’ game seemed slightly out of focus, and Beltran left him on 1, but he appeared to have collected himself in game 4, confidently beating Beltran 11-5. He proceeds to the finals to play the winner of the Carson.
Quarterfinals Match Recaps:
Beltran / Landa
Just another ho-hum Alvaro Beltran match, with the usual slow start losing the first game 11-9. Looked like he wanted to get the second game out of the way, losing 11-2, though Landa played well and obviously had a hand in being up two games. And then the match began, as Beltran started to pull away in the third game winning 11-8. At that point, it was obvious that the match was going five games, despite Landa getting the lead a few times in the fourth. Beltran goes on to win the fourth game 11-7. This type of match couldn’t be complete without going extra points in the fifth game, right? Well – they did not disappoint. After trading sideouts at 10-10, and 11-11, Beltran flattened a couple of shots to go on to win 13-11.
Carson / Moreno
Rocky played well in the first, moving Javier around the court like a puppet, and winning the first game 11-5. The second game was a whole different story, as Javier came out with emotion and was ready to battle. This game could have gone either way, but the wind blew in Rocky’s favor and he went on to win 11-9. The third game was much of the same, and Javier missed a couple of key shots to give Rocky the victory 11-8.
Croft / Rojas
This match was filled with amazing dives, and blistering drive serves (I will let you guys guess who did the driving and who did the diving). After splitting the first two games (11-2, 9-11), Croft pressed hard to take a two games to one lead winning the third 11-3. After trading points in the beginning of the fourth game, Jose found his serve, caused weak returns and seemed to kill everything to win the fourth game 11-4. Things unraveled for Ben at that point, as he started the last game a bit frustrated, and it would only go downhill from there – Jose wins the fifth 11-0.
Crowther / A. Herrera
10, 3, 3 – First game was close, but the scores tell the tale. Crowthers serves were off the chart. It looked like he was trying to hit the ball through the front wall. Though Anthony made many amazing gets, Crowther had too much firepower tonight.
Kane Pulls Out of the NY Temperature Controls ProAm
Suspicions whispered in the stands during last Sunday’s Coast to Coast CA Open final have been confirmed: #1 Kane Waselenchuk has reinjured his knee. The injury that caused him to withdraw from last month’s ROLLOUT NJ Open will bench him again.
Waselenchuk will take an underspecified amount of time off to recuperate, starting with the NY Temperature Controls ProAm this week. “It’s a progessive thing,” Waselenchuk had explained during a press conference prior to the ROLLOUT New Jersey event. “Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes not.” The grueling five-game championship match against #2 Rocky Carson was likely a factor, as he and his nearest rival took to the court in the match that see sawed between the two, with the first game alone taking almost an hour. By the fifth game, fans quietly watched from the edge of their seats between points, silently wondering if Carson had finally found the key to derailing the “one big obstacle in the way” of his winning more tournaments. After 2-1/2 hours, Waslenchuk finally won the tiebreaker for the match. 
Attention is already turning to #3 Alvaro Beltran, ROLLOUT NJ Open finalist who is still looking for his first Tier 1 win. Other contenders include Tony Carson who is moving up the ranks and up-and-comers like Alex Ackermann, Nick Montalbano, Brad Shopieray, Alex Landa, and Daniel De La Rosa who have broken through this season to show they are ready to take on the old guard. With Waselenchuk out as the pros make the cross-country trip from sunny California, the competition around the courts in wintry New York is already heating up.
West to East: NY Temperature Controls ProAm Preview
By Nick Rynerson
After spending a few days in sunny Reseda, California, the world’s paramount racquetball players will trek across the country to a significantly colder Long Island for the 2013 NY Temperature Controls Pro/Am from January 10-13. The event is shaping up to be a pairing of old-time racquetball elite and young guns looking to make a name. Held at the 40,000 square foot Synergy Fitness Club in Syosset, this NYC Pro/Am will offer showcase glass courts to watch professional and amateur players hit it out. On its 15th year, the event is the longest tier 1 event in the country.
The second tier 1 of 2013 is an opportunity for unknown players to make waves on the tour by playing against some of the best players in the world. Coming in the wake of the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, the tournament’s host city of Syosset is right in the epicenter of the disaster and relief efforts. With Long Island damages expected to reach over $520 million when all is said and done, out-of-town visitors coming to the tournament may not be greeted with the Long Island that they remember. Instead, Synergy Fitness Club will be hosting this event in the midst of the clean up. No one expects it to dampen the spirits of the competitors, who may have traveled coast to coast in less than a week carrying the intensity characteristic of racquetball professionals.
With expected entries from twenty different US states and seven foreign countries, the diversity of styles and culture all gathering in New York makes this tournament a global showcase of racquetball styles and talent. Long Island’s four-year old small, yet entrepreneurial, New York Temperature Controls, which specializes in building, maintaining, constructing and selling automation temperature control systems to businesses, is excited to start a relationship with the IRT.
Last year #1 Kane Waselenchuk had to withdraw because of an injury, and this rocky history could prove to be a stumbling block for the great #1 who sat out the last event of 2012 due to knee problems. Keep an eye on other top players like #2 Rocky Carson and #3 Alvaro Beltran, who will be shooting to take advantage at the special venue to watch and play racquetball. Tournament director Tom Keogh believes that Synergy offers a unique advantage to both fans and competitors coming to Long Island for the event. “Synergy Fitness is one of the finest racquetball clubs left in the county. [Synergy] features ten full glass-back courts and one 3-wall glass court which can have at least 300 spectators watching.”
The spacious facility will be overrun with racquetball enthusiasts the weekend of the tenth, and for those not a part of competition tickets will be available starting at noon on Friday the 10th. Pro action starts Thursday and runs until the championship game is held Sunday at noon Eastern. But if you are snowed in somewhere near Buffalo or still hanging out in Reseda recovering from the Coast to Coast Pro-Am, key matches will be streaming online at