Rod Southwood

Rod Southwood

Vice President
Management Team

Being involved in racquetball since 1981 has given Rod a lifetime of opportunity that he will forever be grateful for. The relationships he’s been rewarded with and the health benefits have been life changing for him.

Rod’s strategy for the sport is “To create a healthier platform for our Professional Players and promote our Junior programs, with the efforts of a very talented Team at The IRT.”

Rod is currently employed as the President of Freight Management Logistics. His days are filled with providing solutions for company’s shipping needs, while executing a plan that rewards Communication, Visibility, Technology and Pricing, for not only his employees, but his customers as well!

Rod’s time is also spent participating and advising on a Network of 11 Hospital Boards and a School Board. Various other business interests take the rest of his time.

All said though, his first love is his family, four kids, 2 dogs and a tolerant wife!

“Life is Good, long live racquetball!”