September 2012 IRT Newsletter

September 2012 IRT Newsletter


September  2012
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13th Annual Ghost of Georgetown/Kansas City Pro-Am

gogartwork2012_200More than 200 racquetball players, from novice level to collegiate champions to the top professional players in the world, will participate in the 13th Annual Ghost of Georgetown/Kansas City Pro-Am Racquetball Championships September 13-16, 2012. “The event is really two separate tournaments running concurrently,” explains Mike Wedel, Tournament Director. “The International Racquetball Tour hosts the men’s professional matches, and the Ghost of Georgetown event includes amateurs in 20 divisions for men and women.”  The total purse for the event is $20,000.
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The Best of All Worlds

Ben CroftProfilebyRestrung_200 2One thing I can guarantee in every professional sport is that there will always be talk of the greatest player to ever play the game. It is a conversation that every racquetball player has had at least once with friends, co-workers, racquetball buddies, and whoever else is patient and polite enough to talk about it. In this blog I am not going to debate the best player of all time, instead I am going to take the best attributes of top players’ games, and combine them to make the absolute best racquetball player imaginable.

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IRT Ryan Matthew Cotterman Scholarships Announced

RyanCotterman_200 2The IRT Collegiate Scholarship program, given to deserving athletes to promote participation and exposure to the racquetball community by offering financial assistance for the season, has been renamed after Ryan Matthew Cotterman. Son of IRT Owner and Vice President of Business Development, Mark Cotterman, Ryan lost his life to cancer at the age of 21, fighting hard for 18 months. The way he held his head high with maturity and dignity was an inspiration to many. Ryan was also an aspiring young racquetball player, competing for the Penn State team and playing in tournaments and clubs in the Pennsylvania area.
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Burnout and Fighting Back


Last time, I talked about “Losing a Match and How to Bounce Back”. NO MATTER what sport pros and amateurs alike experience losing, but how to deal with the loss and learning from it makes you tougher in the long run. In this Newsletter I want to talk about  “Burnout and Fighting Back” to top form.

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Cross-train for Racquetball with Racquetball by Bo Keely

We invented all kinds of games to cross train for pure racquetball. Some were as banal as two-on one, like cut-throat except two players vs. a stronger one for an entire match. There were ceiling games where after the serve only that shot was allowed, and the same for kill shot games.  One of the best control tools is marking a ´squash ´tin´ with masking tape 3´ high across the front wall and all shots must hit above it without using the ceiling.  Another is one wall four-wall racquetball in which if the ball touches the side walls it´s an out.  There were three doubles teams on the court simultaneously that got dangerous with the arrival of the superball. A great conditioner is touching the short line after each shot and trying with a partner just to keep the ball in play.


2012 US Open
REV.2012hi rez_140

Well it’s hard to believe it has been sixteen years, but the 2012 UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Racquetball Championships is approaching! This means the event is going to be bigger and better than ever; here’s an idea of what to expect at this year’s tourney.

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2012 3WB RB Entry_200 2The 3 Wallball World Championships is the final event of the 2012 3 Wallball Cup Championship Series; World Outdoor Racquetball and World Players of Handball are pleased to announce the third annual 2012 3 Wallball World Championships to be held September 19-23, 2012 in Las Vegas.
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Head Signs Nick Montalbano

HEAD Penn Racquet Sports announced the signing of a long-term sponsorship contract with Nick Montalbano, an up and coming star on the men’s professional racquetball circuit.

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