September 2014 IRT Newsletter

September 2014 IRT Newsletter

September 2014

Krowning Moment Pro Invitational & Bobcat Open

A fledgling collegiate racquetball team will get a boost from the KrowningMoment_Logo_2014 5International Racquetball Tour (IRT), ProKennex and the Tour’s top-ranked player when the first-ever Krowning Moment Pro Invitational and Bobcat Open kicks off the IRT’s 2014-2015 season Sept. 18-21 in San Marcos, Texas.
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“The Ghost” Turns 15; Will Kansas City Haunt Kane in 2014?

The last time pros converged on The Athletic Club in Overlanddownload 7Park, Kansas a year ago September, an unfamiliar tune was sung. It was the first time then-and-still-current-#1 player Kane Waselenchuk took a loss aside from injury forfeits since January of 2009. Jose Rojas ended Kane’s astonishing streak in the semifinals of the tourney in just four games, later going on to top #2 Rocky Carson in five to take the Ghost of Georgetown Championship. Rojas’ march to victory marked the first time in 13 years in which the #1 or #2 seeds did not come out of the tournament victorious.
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The last couple of International Racquetball Tour seasons have shown interesting trends.Untitled 4 First, the number of younger players entering the draws and playing multiple tournaments is on the rise.  Second, the number of those younger players occasionally sneaking into the later rounds is also on the rise.  Those two items are certainly related.  The more exposure a developing player gets to play at the top level of this sport pays dividends down the road.  If the trend continues, fans can look forward to increased depth on tour with solid play for years to come.
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Playing in the NOW

franheadshot_150In sport psychology, we say there is only one time, and it is now. When are you going to start to focus? Now! When are you going to win your serve? Now! When are you going to start to play well? Now! In sports the past is gone and the future never comes, so in racquetball you have to learn that there is only one ball, one shot, one serve, and one point at a time, and that time is always now. That is truly the real beauty that every shot you hit only happens in the now. Here’s how.

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2014 UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Championships
October 8-12


Join over 700 competitors for the most prestigious event in racquetball, better than ever with a NEW pro doubles division. Sign up to watch the pros and play in a wide variety of amateur skill and age divisions.


Pete Pierce’s Party with the Pros in St. Louis October 16-19

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The 2014 Party with the Pros, held in honor of good friend and racquetball supporter, Pete Pierce, is turning out to be one of the best tournaments ever!

St. Louis Sign Up

New Penalties to Thwart On-Court Antics

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During the past season, behavior on the court by the players caused difficulties with sponsors, fans and the referee.  It was distracting from the incredible athletic abilities of the IRT professionals.  After consulting with the players, a recommendation was forwarded to IRT President, Jason Mannino, that will add financial penalties to players for repeated technicals.

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USAR Hires Peggine Tellez, Mgr. Facility Ralationships and Events Sanctioning

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2014-2015 IRT Season