Suivant Consulting Pro-Am, presented by Zurek Construction Racquetball Tournament

Suivant Consulting Pro-Am, presented by Zurek Construction Racquetball Tournament

Suivant Consulting Pro-Am, presented by Zurek Construction preview
Todd Boss, Pro Racquetball Stats

After nearly a year of forced inaction due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the IRT is back, hosting its first full
Tier 1 or higher pro stop since March of 2020. And it’s a grand slam welcome back to the sport’s top
level of players. Recreation Atlanta in Lilburn Georgia is the host this weekend, a frequent tournament
host that continues a 40+ year history of Men’s pro racquetball in the Atlanta area, including two
DP/Leach Nationals events held in the city in the early 1980s.

Today, Recreation ATL has become an annual stop on the tour and houses an excellent base of players, several of whom are playing the pros this weekend.

The international flavor of the tournament

There are no less than 48 players entered into the pro singles draw, making it the biggest men’s pro
draw since the 2019 US Open. It is the first time a non-US Open pro tournament has breached 40
entrants since the May 2019 Syosset Open in Long Island. The event is a Grand Slam, which means the
top players play from the round of 32 on. With 48 players, that’s just one qualifying round before the
action starts.

The tournament has definitely shown the “international” flavor of the International
Racquetball Tour, with players representing 9 different countries entered into the event. 10 countries if
you count Ecuador resident Sudsy Monchik, who is traveling up to compete in the doubles event.
Suffice it to say, a lot of players are excited about getting back out on the court and playing.
A big factor for the weekend will be just how rusty players are; there’s a wide variation in court
availability for players both inside the US and international.

Some players have access to courts and have been playing regularly, while other players have been shut out of their gyms and could struggle with their timing. This will be a big factor to watch for as the tournament unfolds, and could lead to some early upsets.


Some big names will be absent, but they will support this event

The big news for the draw was just announced; #1 Kane Waselenchuk has bowed out of the tournament.
Kane’s place of residence (Texas) has been quite restrictive with gym openings, and reportedly he has
not seen an indoor racquetball court in 8 months. He doesn’t even have outdoor courts nearby to
practice on. But he’ll be in Atlanta doing clinics, helping with the broadcast, and supporting the event.
Another top pro, #5 Alvaro Beltran, underwent gall bladder surgery on Monday and had to miss the
event as well (he’s doing well; just bad timing for this event).

These two absences really open up the top side of the draw and will make for a potentially wide-open event.
On the Pro doubles side, 14 pro teams are entered, and there should be some fireworks early on.

International teams are ready…

The international team representatives of Costa Rica, the USA, and Colombia are all present, along with two
very solid all-Mexico teams and an all-Bolivian team that could make waves.
Lastly, the event features an 18U junior draw that features a talent level rarely seen outside of Junior
World events. Reigning junior national champions from Bolivia, USA, Mexico, and Colombia have
traveled to Atlanta to compete in the junior category for significant scholarship support.

Thanks to long-time IRT sponsors Donald Williams of Suivant Consulting and Francisco Fajardo of Zurek
Construction for their title sponsorship of this event.

The R2 Sports App home page for the tournament is here.

Don’t forget to login and fill out your Fantasy brackets, to compete for bragging rights and fabulous
prizes if you pick a perfect bracket.

The Fantasy link is here

Lastly, tune in on Thursday as the IRTlive crew will be set and ready to broadcast from the opening
rounds. We’ve listened to your feedback; you want to see more early-round matches, and we will deliver
this weekend. We’ll also be streaming 18U matches and doubles all weekend.

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