The IRT announces Pablo Fajre as Director of Streaming & Satellite Events

Pablo Fajre has been named Director of Streaming & Satellite Events for the IRT. Pablo is charged with expanding and improving the lower Tier IRT events. CEO Mike Grisz says, “We need to increase the benefits to tournament directors and provide opportunities to the young aspiring professional players.”The IRT plans to develop a marketing plan which would increase website and social media presence of Satellite Tour events as well as continuing to provide Penn HD racquetballs for the tournaments and ranking points for the players.

In addition to leading the charge of Satellite Events, Pablo is also in charge of event streaming. You can catch Pablo during events making sure the streaming is up and running, and broadcasted live and FREE during all of the IRT’s Tier 1 and Grand Slam Tournaments.

If you are interested in hosting a Satellite Event (Tier 2-5) in your area, please contact Pablo at [email protected].



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