This is Breast Cancer

This is Breast Cancer

Our Director of Social Media, Aimee Roehler, was Diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in late February. She shared her thoughts on what she has been going thru recently and how racquetball has made an impact in her recovery.

This is breast cancer | Two very different photos taken 48 hours apart. Saturday I was able to play an outdoor tournament (Thanks Maddie & Thao!). Today I am writing from the Infusion Suite while having Round 6/8 of chemotherapy. Someone recently asked me “what’s chemo like, do you just get tired?” I wish getting tired was my only side effect. Breast Cancer is losing 70%+ of my hair (and still losing), Breast cancer is bone pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches, night sweats, and more, at some point or another during chemo. Breast cancer is being immune compromised and tiring easily. Breast cancer is pain, tears, heartache, and anxiety. Breast Cancer is life changing, eye opening, and humbling. BUT throughout all of this, I feel I am lucky to have such minimal side effects compared to what other women go thru.
I chalk this up to racquetball. I feel that it’s saved me and has kept me sane thru all of this. It’s given me a sense of being able to feel somewhat normal. It’s my escape.. I can play ball and not think about cancer and worry that people are looking at me and saying “oh, she has cancer” — That’s all I want thru all of this is to just feel normal.
This is breast cancer. This is just a chapter, it’s not my whole story.
–Aimee Roehler

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  • Federico Alvarez, September 1, 2021 @ 6:31 pm Reply

    I am not a doctor but I would become a vegetarian to minimize the side effects. That’s how I did it. I’m a cancer survivor and a hall of fame racquetball player.

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