US OPEN to be Broadcast During Thanksgiving Weekend

US OPEN to be Broadcast During Thanksgiving Weekend

TENNIS CHANNEL announced the prime time air dates and times for the 2013 UnitedHealthcare US OPEN Racquetball Championship shows. Both men’s IRT pro semi’s and the men’s IRT pro finals will be broadcast on Thanksgiving weekend as follows:

Men’s Semi #1: Thursday (THANKSGIVING DAY) 11/28 Noon ET
Men’s Semi #2: Friday 11/29 Noon ET
Men’s Finals: Saturday 11/30 Noon ET

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the highest aggregate TV ratings periods of the year, only behind the Super Bowl and NCAA Final Four in terms of total period viewership.

“This announcement is a huge breakthrough for the sport of racquetball,” stated US OPEN Director Doug Ganim. “In the history of our sport on television, this is by far the best prime time slots we have ever received! We would be thrilled with these times on any weekend of the year but the fact that it is Thanksgiving weekend means that more people will see pro racquetball than ever have before.” Ganim went on to explain.

All three matches will be produced by Royster Productions. Each show will be 90 minutes in length and will feature Shawn Royster, Hall of Famer Charlie Brumfield and 4-time US OPEN Champion Sudsy Monchik as commentators.

Special thanks to UNITEDHEALTHCARE, ACE, LIFETIME FITNESS, COORS LIGHT, DICKS SPORTING GOODS, MEET MINNEOPOLIS, LEWIS DRUG and our other US OPEN sponsors for providing the funding to make these broadcasts possible.