Watch & Learn: Fine Tune Your Racquetball Game

Watch & Learn: Fine Tune Your Racquetball Game

It’s the time of year to make those New Years Resolutions, and what better than to improve your racquetball game? If you’re like us, however, you don’t want to spend hours practicing certain shots or court movements, you want to play. Well, too bad. You have to if you want to reach your full potential. What really makes the difference though is practicing correctly, and that we can help with.

As we enter 2013 and the second half of the International Racquetball Tour (IRT)  competitive season, give yourself a practical goal and pick one thing to fine tune in your racquetball game. It could be a shot, a strategy, or even the way you train and prepare before a match. To ease the pressure of your decision in this hectic holiday time, we’ve picked our favorite topics and enlisted one of the top players in world, Ben Croft, to break it down for you:
How to Properly Hit a Backhand
Is the backhand your Achilles heel? 2013 is the year to make a change! Fine-tune your backhand swing mechanics and technique as Croft breaks down the key points.
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How to Properly Hit a Forehand



Most players love the forehand, but have you really reached your full potential? Follow these tips to get some added power in your shots and catch Croft’s Super Slo-Mo Forehand.

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Mastering the Splat & Pinch Shots
Do you really know the difference? Either way, let Croft show you how it’s done and give you some pointers on when to use each shot.
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How to Effectively Hit a Drive Serve

Drive Serve

Since the IRT went back to 2 serves, we’ve been seeing these a lot more. Do you tend to lob or drive? Are you all power or more about placement? Find out what’s most effective.

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Now that you have New Years Resolutions all set you can tackle 2013 on the court. Don’t forget to practice, and most importantly, have fun! For more racquetball videos and tips check out the Racquetball Warehouse Media Center